A Request to All the Beginners "Do Not Mess Up Your Comments"

Last Update: September 01, 2017

Alright, so I have been seeing a few things for a while and cannot stop expressing my views. If you are a beginner here and you really want to gain authority in your niche then please try to understand these few things about your blog’s comment section:-

1 - You Are Asking for a Favor

No visitor in the world would ever want to comment on your blog if you are delusional and believe that your content is magical enough that people will be hypnotized by reading it and will be so eager to comment on your blog that they might even want to pay for it.

Seriously, I have seen people using tactics or methods that they should avoid while beginning a blog. You might have seen it working well somewhere else but initially, you have to keep it simple. Always remember “Comments by your visitors is a favor they are doing to you”!

2 – Your Plugins

Being said that, here’s the next thing one must understand.

You might want to experiment with a few plugins and that’s fine but I have found a few people on WA comment thread (not comment platform) who are using plugins that make you either sign in to some social media account to comment or sign up for something else.

Come on, why would I want to use my social media to comment on your blog? I don’t know if anyone else has a special interest to log in to their social media account in order to comment, I don’t.

I don’t like it if the commenting process is complicated, why would I give my time to comment on someone else’s blog if they are in a false impression that their blog has already become Huffington post?

It might sound rude or harsh but we need to understand something, I will say it once again “Comments by your visitors is a favor they are doing to you”! So you need to keep it simple.

You can make it complicated, it does not matter to me. In fact, I am very interested to know whether that trick really works..please prove me wrong, I too would make it difficult for my visitors to comment on my blog by installing a few plugins.

3 – Comments That You Offer Is Not a Favor to Them

Now that might sound paradoxical but you need to understand this also, your comment is not a favor to anyone.

Recently, I commented on a post that highlighted an issue with grammar in the comment platform and I said that people are not that much against bad grammar, I will never reject a comment for the sole reason that it is grammatically inaccurate.

But if the comment is not thoughtful and you can sense that the other person does not give a damn about your content then you definitely will not accept it, isn't it?

Grammar is a language problem, but spelling mistake is not (both mistakes can be avoided to a great extent by using applications like Grammarly's or something). So in most cases when you see a lot of spelling mistakes in the comments you get from the comment platform, you know that the other person is only concerned with earning credits and you simply cannot allow that unless you want to support such mindset.

Now, in the give and take comment thread, people are free to comment as they want but I want to ask you.. can you accept a thoughtful comment in return for some words you wrote on someone's blog without even reading a few paragraphs of the content?

Today, a person from comment thread sent me his blog’s URL by commenting this on my website post:-

What an awesome Smart Focus Trick.Have got to try Mind Hack for Better Concentration Smart Focus Trick maybe is gonna work for me.

And I just felt a strong need to return a comment to him so this is what I wrote:-

What an awesome how to make money method. Have got to try how to make money from drop shipping maybe is gonna work for me.

I don’t want to mention the name and I am neither concerned about correcting people (everyone makes mistakes) but doing that gave me some kind of satisfaction..lol! (I felt that if I won't do that, I am suppressing my anger and powering up his ignorance, I believe you should never burden your heart when a small action can send the right message)

Honestly, I am not against anyone who is not willing to follow the “give and take” and “pay it forward” principle we use here, no one is bounded to follow any rule but from my experience, I have seen that here at WA only those have succeeded who abide by these principles.

Sadly, I see most people in a similar niche as mine (personal development) being careless while commenting on other people’s blog. You cannot spread positivity with a negative mind and universe will only give you what you are willing to offer.


Hari S Nair

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Hi Hari,
thanks for sharing.
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Very thoughtful and true. Thank you.:)
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Thank you for this, Hari :)
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Good straight reminder.
Hari S Nair Premium
Yeah, I felt a strong need to do it considering the increase in the members here.
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We need it so we can learn.
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very insightful