2 Years with WA-How My Passion Became My Source of Income

Last Update: December 08, 2015

I am well aware that the newbies in WA are eager to hear such stories because I have been there. I remember the days when I used to look for blog posts and members who were really profiting from what wealthy affiliate offers.

And the old members here would be able to relate with my story because as much I have known about online business it may vary initially for different people but in the long run it is pretty much the same-We get to know that it works and we just have to continue with the learning and the efforts.

I am sharing this story with 2 main motives:-

1-To show the possibilities with WA to new members and assure them that this online business stuff really works!

2-To emphasize the importance of following your passion.

My Initial Days in WA

Before I was introduced to wealthy affiliate, I had no knowledge of online business. I often wondered how websites that don't directly sell products earns money and it was not even possible for me imagine that earning money from website is possible for someone like me.

I have a keen interest in personal development and I always wished to become a personal development blogger.

At the right time I was recommended about WA by a member and I consider it as one of my luckiest days.

The training, support and quick action steps that WA provides gained my trust within the starter membership days and I went premium.

I made some very good friends here and my website started to look professional in just 1 month. I also had significant number of daily visitors within just 2 months.

It was difficult for me to pay the monthly fees and work consistently despite of seeing no results.

People who joined after me were posting about their first sales and I started doubt the niche I have chosen.

But then I had a different thought "if they can do it I can do it too" and I took a decision to go yearly.

I opted for the black friday offer by borrowing money from my father.I promised myself that no matter what I will continue with this niche because I love it and it is not like a "work" for me.

My First Sale

I cannot forget that moment when I saw my first big sale. I took 5 months of efforts and patience but I saw a "120$" sale in my affiliate dashboard.

For some people that might appear trivial because it doesn't take that much time usually for members here to see their first significant sale. But it was a huge thing for me as I now knew:-

-I made the right choice by opting for the yearly membership,

-It is possible for me to earn doing what I love.

And the Journey Continues

So there was a time when I was not able to pay monthly fees and now I don't even have to bother about it at all.

Not just that, My website is now my full time work and that's what I have always wished for.

With WA you always have more to learn and grow. And I am very sure that my business will keep on becoming better because I have the support of this awesome community.

I am very grateful to the members who have helped me from the very first day to now..words cannot express my feelings still I would like to say-Thank you so much!

If you are interested in knowing more about my story just as within the comments below.

Thank You for Reading

-Hari S Nair

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Bluette Premium
very inspiring, thank you so much for sharing
Hari S Nair Premium
Pleasure is all mine..Thanks Milla
Strap Premium
This is a motivating post - thanks Hari
Hari S Nair Premium
Good to hear that you found it motivating Strap..
Larry MaC Premium
Good post. Thanks for telling your story. It will encourage others.
Hari S Nair Premium
Thanks Larry..
brad123 Premium
Hey Hari, thanks for this post. I found it very motivating and inspiring.
Hari S Nair Premium
Glad to hear that it motivated you Brad :)
AlexCY Premium
That's inspiring. Thanks for ensuring that it works!
Hari S Nair Premium
Yeah Alex, it works.!