What make me join Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: May 21, 2019

During research on google I found this article and a video, that has make me think that wealth creation and distribution equaly is most important thing for balanced society

The definition of wealth is personal, it means something different to everyone. What it means to be wealthy is entirely up to you and you can get there, you can be one of them. Real wealth is much more than money. True wealth is the ability to live life on your own terms. It’s freedom.

I beleve Affiliate marketing is the best way to genarate wealth, and it require passion. When you do not have fund of your own, then you have to relay on others.

Qution is - are the people in this business, honest?

I have searched and reviewed many affiliate program, most of them where not managed properly by promotors. They shutdown their site when they reach to their target and do not pay to affiliate marketers, who has put in all eforts to promote their program. Yes, this has heppened to me.

When I come across one of blog post of @nathaniell, I found it very interesting, and came to know about Wealthy Affiliate. And that has convinced me to join this program.

If we think like the rich, and act like the rich, then eventually it would only make sense that we will become rich ourselves

Thanks to @nathaniell, @Carson, @Kyle

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AlexEvans Premium
Welcome aboard Josh?, you have made a good decision, the good thing about WA is that it step by step all we have to do is follow along in the beginning and that there is a very supportive community here.

Best wishes and enjoy your journey.
HarenJoshi Premium
Thank you very much, Alex. I am glad to have a friend Like you, and when you call me with my nickname. 😉