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March 01, 2019
It kind of surprised me to login and be presented with the dedication badge, it makes sense in someways, I have been ‘active’ for 6 months.I feel like kind of a fraud in other ways as I have given up on affiliate marketing. I still have that website up and use it as more of a blog. However, my main focus is my business and I use WA to host that website.I couldn’t make affiliate marketing work despite following the training. My business however is going well and is giving me th
October 12, 2018
My last post here was fairly negative, I was feeling very deflated and considering giving up.However, I have never been one to give up easily so I really have put my all into getting myself out there. I have been focusing a lot on getting myself known by Google, engaging on social media, and creating lots of quality content.The pay off?I have written and published a number of blog posts over the last couple of weeks. I now have a number of followers over 3 social media outlets (still working on
Hello,Lately I have been trying to boost traffic to my website, I have created so much content but I am getting little to no engagement. It has been really disheartening and I have really struggled to know what to do.I have kept with the training and I have reached the part of the training regarding social media, I already had a Google+ account for my website so now I have added Facebook, Twitter, and PinInterest so I am hoping these will help boost traffic to my website.It has been very hard n
September 07, 2018
I have been with wealthy affiliate for just over a month, if that and I have to say the community has overwhelmed me. So far I have managed to create a website, add content, add images, and create a Google + account (in case of have not guessed I have followed the training step by step). The thing is I was clueless when I first joined; I had no idea what I was doing, if I would even be able to do it. I will be honest I was completely hesitant and I did almost completely give up. However, I ca