Questions by Hani 8

How do you choose a picture for social media?
I'm having a problem lately choosing the right picture for social media.…
4 years ago 3 Replies
What should be ratio of review to general content?
I was wondering what the ratio should be on General Content vs. Product…
5 years ago 4 Replies
Can I add on to keyword in title?
OK so there's something that I'm just not 'getting'. I've got my long…
5 years ago 15 Replies
Send to my site or directly to wa?
If I'm posting on a forum or Facebook or email group for example, should…
5 years ago 14 Replies
Should a good keyword be used in numerous articles?
What I'm trying to find out is if it's advisable to use the same keyword…
5 years ago 17 Replies
How to track your rankings in google?
What's the best way to track rankings in Google for each article you have…
5 years ago 5 Replies
Is there a place to record which keywords have been used?
Does anybody know of a place to track keywords? Meaning which ones have…
5 years ago 6 Replies
Niche question - is it too small of a niche?
I would like to make a website about my special needs child and his condition…
5 years ago 8 Replies