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Kia Ora from New Zealand Friends and ColleaguesI am posting this somewhat later tonight because I wanted to share and I had to crack out some writing before that was possible.....Well it Certainly was a stretch having fallen behind last week, but I am super glad that I made it today, having made up the difference,.So it is with some considerable pleasure that I share a celebration with you80,000 Words in 80 DaysThat sounds kind of Jules Verne ish doesn't it?I will just let that speak for itself
Kia Ora, from New Zealand, friends and colleagues.Having taken a wee break from this story, to provide what I hope was some useful opinions (just that) on the effective habits of a good Blogger, I return this evening to part 3 of my life's adventures which I have been asked to continue.This is actually helping me to learn about planning my Blogging schedule and, as a result of doing this, I have put together a schedule that lets me know what I will be writing about, on here and on my 3 websites
Kia Ora, from New Zealand, friends and colleagues,I am a newbie with only 75 days at WA and only 75 days as a wannabe serious commercial Blogger.I was a freelance content writer for others for a few years before I came to WA so while I had a relatively well developed writing skill, I knew little about how to apply my writing to establishing and maintaining a commercial Blog.Along with the basic skills training I have received here on the platform, I have done some personal research on what char
Kia Ora, from New Zealand friends and colleagues,Well I was quite surprised to get the response that I did if I am honest, seems more is asked for LoL.So yes I offer you more memories of a veteran1977While waiting to graduate from the Apprentices College in my last term of training and education, I was asked if I was interested in being put forward as a candidate for officer selection.My Dad had always told me to volunteer for everything so I did what Dad said. I was interviewed by the College
Good Evening, Kia Ora,I Have been inspired by a couple of Blogs I have read recently on WA, to share a part of my story today, and maybe some more later.A Boy SoldierI became a soldier at the age of 16 in 1975. I attended what was called an Army Apprentices College in Harrogate North Yorkshire in the North of England in the UK. (Though I was born and brought up for the most part in Scotland). You can see me in the rear rank second from the right.ApprenticeAs an Apprentice Tradesman I spent a
Kia Ora, from New Zealand Friends and colleagues.I have been writing 2000 word article on the emerging employment landscape in light of the current crisis and while I was writing it I started thinking about where Blogging came from.I had a vague idea but it was just that, vague! I enjoy knowing about the history of my pastimes and activities so I did a bit of digging and that I would share.I hope that you enjoy and find something in it to interest you......Shorter Than you Might Think!Blogs se
Kia Ora, from New Zealand, Friends and ColleaguesTwo things from me this evening, a wee celebration and a wee suggestion.Read on.....70,000 WordsYes I am happy to report that with 74 days under my belt at WA, today I hit my 70,000 words written over 52 articles. To be honest I am falling behind a wee bit because it has been my goal throughout to make sure that I was writing at least 1,000 words a day, though not necessarily publishing every day. So a wee bit catching up to do but I am confiden
Kia Ora Friends and ColleaguesIt seems I hit a note with this subject last night and I have been asked for more, so here is a second example of where, punctuation can completely change the fundamental meaning of words.Enjoy.....Dear JackLook at the difference between these two passages, same words different punctuationThe First:Dear Jane,I want a woman who gets what love is all about.You are warm, generous, thoughtful.Souls not like you admit to be useless and fickle.You have wasted me for othe
March 24, 2020
Kia Ora, from New Zealand, Friends and ColleaguesDecided tonight that with everything going on we needed some cheering up and some constructive frivolity. So for those who have not had the pleasure here is something for you to get hold of and have a look at. For those who have seen it before, revisit your copy, cos it is good for Bloggers to have this skill (which I sometimes don't).With acknowledgment to Lynne Truss a very clever, practical and funny writer.Eats Shoots & LeavesA Panda wa
Kia Ora, from New Zealand, Friends and ColleaguesA work experience form today made me think about what lesson there might be in it for how we approach our Blogs in the coming weeks and months.Many VoicesFor the last week I have been the lead, for my part of the organisation I work for, in relation to COVID 19 Crisis Response. This has entailed a physical meeting of a number of parties each morning at 9am.This meeting is about forward planning, monitoring progress and setting priorities against