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Yes I offer you more memories of a veteran...In the last part of this story, our hero (me LoL) was last seen driving a brand new, tangerine orange, (what was I thinking!) Fiat 127 Sport off a Belgian Ferry at Zeebrugge to try his hand at then driving 450km, to Herford just south of Hanover, on the 'wrong side of the road' for the first time in his life!As it happened it was largely uneventful and my driving skills improved by the minute as I went LoLArriving in HerfordSo it was finally happen
Kia Ora (be safe)Good afternoon, from New Zealand Friends and Colleagues,Another wee milestone has been reached on my WA journey which happily coincides with my 70th Blog.88 Days-90,000 Words-Keyword Rich ContentI had set myself a target at outset of getting 1000 words of keyword rich content written every day even if I would not publish every day. I am happy to say that 88 days into my journey I have reached the 90,000 word target with two days to spare so feeling good about my personal discip
Kia OraGood Evening, from New Zealand Friend and Colleagues,Carrying on the wisdom theme which I embarked upon last night, with The Wisdom of Others I got to thinking about some things that it would have been useful for me to know in my twenties that now I seem to know about at the age of 61!Here are 12 ideas that may well reverberate with many of you. If you are a twenty-something here is an opportunity to get ahead of the crowd
April 08, 2020
Kia Ora, from New Zealand friends and ColleaguesThis evening I offer you in succinct terms the wisdom of others.So without any further ado please enjoy......Who Said WhatThe Excrutiatingly Funny Lily TomlinI always wanted to be somebody but now I realise I should have been more specificThe Inspired, Courageous Randy PauschWhen one dispenses ones own wisdom, it is often dismissed by others; strange then that that offering wisdom from a third party appears less arrogant and more readily acceptedP
April 08, 2020
Kia OraGood Evening, from New Zealand, friends and colleagues.Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway!Well, I have done some acting, and even some musical theatre, in my time. I suffer no fear in standing in front of hundreds of complete strangers, to talk about things that I am confident I know enough about, I have done that for decades, but this was another thing altogether!Production CrewMy 21 year old daughter Flora, a 3rd year musical theatre student, and I, spent Sunday making my first foray int
April 06, 2020
Kia Ora, Good Evening, from New Zealand, friends and colleaguesMore pleasant news to share with my friends and colleagues here this evening.Thank YouFirst of all thank you for the kind comments and wishes that you bombarded me with following my announcement of news on my Google First pages and WA Sale.Toppled By a Lovely Person!I was bowled over by the support from you all. You guys kept my post in the Top 10 posts for over 2 days, though I was delighted to see that it was toppled by my dear
Kia Ora, from New Zealand Friends and colleagues.So after the excitement of the happenings of the last 48 hours its back to more normal stuff...So here it is Part 4 for those who are following a young soldier through his life's adventures (he will of course become an old soldier at some time on this journey LoL)I digress! So let us continue. Yes I offer you more memories of a veteran.........Young Officer Signals TrainingYoung Officer AttachmentYou will recall that I was last seen standing in
Good Evening, from New Zealand my friends and colleagues,More exciting news from my part of the world today which means for those waiting for part 4 of my Veterans posts I am sorry I will have to disappoint for another 24 hours, because I am just so busting to share this with you all!.....48 Hours of Firsts!More celebrations that I just need to share, with all who know me on here, and with all newbies, who might be still be perhaps wondering, at this stage, if this can work for you.Well I was s
Kia Ora, from New Zealand, friend and ColleaguesI just have to share my unbelievable good news!Excited and Over the Moon!I have two first position, first page Google rankings today for the first time ever and I am absolutely stokedSteampunk A NicheMy Steampunk Post on Working From Home OnlIne ( Has made No1 on Google Hamish and PaleoWhile my Hamish and Paleo post ( has made No1 on both Google and Bing with 4 of my Paleo posts holding positions 1-4 on Bing.Child Like Exc
Kia Ora, from New Zealand, friends and colleagues.It has been interesting to watch the stories, comments and discussion about the various lockdown, regimes around the WA world and how people are coping with it all.As a bit of a Bloggy writing exercise I thought that I would attempt a 'Day in the Life' story.I hope that it is useful and entertaining in some way to someone. It contains my routine both around my day job and my WA activity.Enjoy.......7:00 amRise, put the kettle on make coffee for