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Kia Ora, from New Zealand, friends and colleagues Well I guess that got your attention, I don't really think that at all by the way, but it was Twack's Blog this morning that inspired me to write this tonight. More of that in a moment.Drawn To NegativeOur natural modern human tendency seems to draw us inexorably to the lure of bad news.Why is this?Why do we not lean more towards encouraging, uplifting and visionary centred news that talks about possibilities, and potential, and human endeavour,
Good afternoon, from New Zealand, friends and colleagues.After the euphoria of 'Going Black' signing up to the $299 deal yesterday, assuring my membership through to March 2022, things have just gone from good to great today.Personal RecordI have had WA conversions before today, but today two referrals, with instant conversions, in one day has notched up a new personal record for me, which gives me cause for celebration to share!It is fun and very satisfying to watch my aeroplane number in the
April 30, 2020
Kia ora Good Evening, From New Zealand, Friends and Colleagues,This is a short stop press to announce that I have taken advantage of the excellent deal on offer between now and 11th May.Despite having gone annual only a month ago I have just taken advantage of Kyle's offer of $299 annual membership.I am now free of fees until March 2022, with a guarantee of annual renewal of $299 thereafter.Was there ever a deal so gooooooooood!My strong advice, get in there while you can, if you can. This is a
Kia Ora, good afternoon, from New Zealand Friends and Colleagues.In a recent post one of the elements I talked about was Being the Best Version of Yourself.5 Things For Everyday There was not enough time or space to delve into that more deeply in that post so I thought that I would come back to it for this one.I offer you in this post 8 thoughts about how we might measure whether we are becoming the best version of ourselves based on a range of articles and research that I have done over a pe
April 29, 2020
Kia OraGood afternoon, from New Zealand friends and colleagues,I was having a chat with Carol (CCelest), one of the really cool members here, yesterday and it made me think about something I had not quite realised until that point...................Joining Wealthy AffiliateI joined Wealthy Affiliate as a free starter on 13 January this year and within an hour I had signed up to premium, within 2 hours I had launched a website, and in 94 days ( although I didn't get around to reporting it until
April 28, 2020
Kia OraGood Afternoon, from New Zealand, Friends and Colleagues.I have been watching people beat themselves up a wee bit recently, on chat and in the WA Blog, so I wondered if it might be valuable to remind ourselves, that we can actually afford to cut ourselves some slack from time to time.These 5 things might help to put this into perspective. If it helps just one reader then it has been a worthwhile time investment.............Don't Judge Your Efforts Against OthersThe only person that you n
April 27, 2020
Kia OraGood Evening, from New Zealand, Friends and ColleaguesI would like to address 2 wee things on my WA Blog tonight which are to do with the endless help and support available to people here on the WA platform delivered by caring, selfless souls.........Help YourselfI am a great believer in learning to fish rather than being given fish!What I mean is that it is an awful lot more useful to an individual if they can be self-sufficient rather being led by the hand everywhere. If the first por
April 27, 2020
Kia Ora, from New Zealand Friends and colleagues.Tonight I wanted to suggest 5 things we might all think about every day in order to move our businesses on here at WA.1. Plan Your Time WiselyThere is a military saying that time spent in reconnaissance is never wasted. What this means is that if you plan and organise your activities you will gain greater benefit than making it up as you go along because you will be more focused and more productive. I typically plan all my writing, for the coming
April 25, 2020
Kia Ora, from New Zealand, friends and colleagues,CelebrationShort and sweet tonight, not sure that I will ever see this again so thought that I would have a wee celebration about it and share with you all105 days in, with 108,000 words written, and here is my First Triple Target hit!First page, first ranking Google Bing and Yahoo.......GoogleBingYahooFeeling Blessed TonightGood luck to everyone out there in Blogging Land I'm off to do some more content LoL🧐From New Zealand Goodnight fr
Kia ora Good evening, from New Zealand friends and colleaguesIn Part the 10th of my adventures of a soldier I will finish off the story of my tour of duty in Belize in Cantral America.Cancun WeekendChetumalOne of the highlights of my tour was taking a welfare Safari Landrover with my UK Boss who was on an inspection visit, along with two of my buddies, to Cancun in Mexico. This was a7 hour straight drive road trip North of 524Km. We would however stop just over the Mexican Border at Chetumal to