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Kia Ora,Good Morning from New Zealand, friends and colleagues.That's a picture of a Hindustan Ambassador above, Isn't she beautiful! Cars are just one of my many passions, especially diecast toy cars. I have a collection of somewhere around 500 of them LoL.Where was I.....oh yes Ambassador...Well how can I be, why should I be an Ambassador after only 120 days on the WA platform?Don't ask me, its not my algorithm LoL.But given that I have been asked the question, and as my parents brought me up
Kia Ora,Good Evening, From New Zealand Friends and Colleagues100th BlogFor my 100th Blog which coincides with my 120 day or 4 lunar months with Wealthy Affiliate I wanted to provide my progress report as an indication to other Newbies as to what things may look like at this point.This is not a template, it is an example that I hope will give both heart and a sense of pragmatic realism to those, who like me are on the earliest part of their Wealthy Affiliate Journey.I am happy to say that it is
May 11, 2020
Kia Ora, from New Zealand Friends and colleaguesThe Last LectureI have just read the last lecture by Randy Pausch, inspiring read about achieving our childhood dreams. If you have not read it or don't know his story I recommend it but have tissues to hand.This is the quote I take away from it to have in my back pocket."Be good at something; It makes you valuable ... Have something to bring to the table, because that will make you more welcome."Meaning For UsThis is telling us to think about exc
May 10, 2020
Kia Ora, from New Zealand, friends and colleaguesAwakeningA short and sweet announcement today, folks.I just wanted to to share with you that I have awoken this morning to find, that after 118 days membership, on this positively wonderful and infinitely useful platform, there now appear to be, somewhat to my surprise, over 2000 kind souls following my fortunes, escapades and adventures here at Wealthy Affiliate.Now I have no idea whether these kind souls are following out of idle curiosity, or
Kia Ora,Good afternoon, from New Zealand, friends and colleaguesNewbiesI am a newbie of about 4 months here at Wealthy Affiliate and while I know quite a bit more than I did 4 months ago, I still have a long, long way yet to go. Luckily there is an excellent training system here and a wonderful community whose members go out of their way to make it easy to learn.I was reflecting though on some stuff, I have picked up on the way, that might prove useful to anyone just arriving, and who may be j
Kia OraGood Afternoon, from New Zealand, friends and colleagues,Some interesting news to share after 117 days with Wealthy Affiliate.............Grace and StyleWhen I wrote my Blog yesterday I had no idea at all that I would wake up to find myself with a new badge, serendipitous it was indeed, as Yoda might say LoL.I would like to take the time to share the first message I received, which was on my profile.As I was moving into the group of 25, labelled the Ambassadors, another really great cha
May 07, 2020
Kia Ora,Good Afternoon, From New Zealand, Friends and ColleaguesI almost dread to write this post because of the conversation that it might stir but I feel moved to anyway.My ViewThis is purely a personal view which make it neither right nor wrong.But it is the view I have formed of the ranking and particularly the top 200 and Ambassador Ranks which get listing honour, in the 116 days in which I have been here.Yes I am a newbie!ObservationsFrom time to time we see various posts, here at WA, ab
Good Afternoon, from New Zealand, Friends and ColleaguesToday I thought that I would share with you, glimpses of my 'sanctuary', where I do my writing and work, whether that be my 'day job', while we are on lockdown, or where I write my Blogs and maintain my websites.It took me 40 years of working life to get to a point where I had the resources to do exactly what I wanted to do, to create a special space for working, listening to music, reading and indulging my many passions.Sherlock HolmesThe
May 05, 2020
Kia Ora,Good afternoon, from New Zealand, Friends and ColleaguesA short 'think-piece' today just to get us thinking about what we might really be doing here, based on personal life experience, and observation of others, in a 45-year career as a professional leader......How Badly Do You Really Want ItStraight to the core of the matter; often I have said to myself that I am willing to do whatever it takes, and often when I say that, I really do mean it at the time.The problem is that reality cont
Kia OraGood evening, from New Zealand, friends and colleaguesFor the very newest among us who might be brand new to Blogging I offer the 5 Fundamentals that I believe should be the foundational guidance in writing any Blog.Personality CountsAvoid the trap of writing what everyone else does, or how everyone else does. The audience wants originality, authenticity and above all to trust the writer.Develop a style, test and adjust it over time and when you find what works then deliver it consistent