The Holy Trinity of Internet Marketing

Last Update: February 27, 2016

JohnHevans asked recently...

Do you recommend that you create a business fb account?

I wrote: "The short answer is yes"

Here's the long answer:
In order to have a Facebook Business Page (Fan Page) or to start a Facebook Group, you must first have a basic Facebook account. You know, the page with all of your family and friends from school and work, etc.

Then, when you create a fan page or group, try to use the same images and logo that you have on the homepage of your website. If you use video, create a Youtube channel as well, with the same look as your other online entities. I refer to this as the "Holy Trinity" of internet marketing...

Facebook Page
Youtube Channel.

All three backlink to each other in a very organic way, and it helps your Google ranking. Remember, Google owns Youtube, so if you use a video to promote your site; in your video, there should be two calls to action:

a) subscribe to your Youtube channel - and
b) Visit your website.

Once on your website, there should be a link to your Facebook page, And vice-versa. Because some people will land on your Facebook page first. Others will discover your website first, This way, you have all the bases covered.

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RaeAnnePond Premium
Thank you for this information! It makes sense to me and will be very helpful. I am not ready for video yet, I still have to purchase a video camera but I will make sure and apply all of this accordingly. Thanks again!
halinphilly Premium
No camera needed. I will elaborate more about effective video in the next few months. I just received permission to create training for WA. I look forward to imparting some of my knowledge to the community.
jdlovel Premium
Thanks for the lesson my friend.
halinphilly Premium
Thanks. More coming. I've decided to start recording some training soon.
johnhevans Premium
This makes sense. thanks for the posting.
roses15 Premium
Thank you for sharing this!
aikiman Premium
Thanks for the sharing of your knowledge, I created a facebook fan page before but there is no one there, How to you attract fan to the FB fan page? Maybe I don't have a particular theme because I use that to see how can I do a fan page.
halinphilly Premium
First, try to get some of your friends to "like" the page. Then, you'll want to personally invite people you know to join your page or group.
You should also join related and like-minded groups and little by little, let people in your other groups know about your fan page and ask them to like it if they wouldn't mind. Whatever you do, don't just stick your link on someone else's group without their express permission. However, you can send a PM (private message) to the group administrator and ask if you can invite people to like your site "jut one time". It's human nature to help people out, especially when youo're just starting out. So you may have beginner's luck on your side. Can't hurt to ask.
aikiman Premium
Thank you, will take note