How many maximum Plugins?

Last Update: December 10, 2017

How many maximum Plugins you should have on one site? and which ones that must have?

A and if the Plugins sitting not activated does it do any harm?

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Lazyblogger Premium
A good question. Will be paying attention to this post. My understanding, do not keep them deactivated, trash it permanently.
WA says is 5, I find that is hard to maintain.

What bomb me out couple weeks ago is when Tony Hamilton show his Site Health and all was 100%, including Plugins. That was my two cents, hope it helps.

Make it a great Sunday!
MKearns Premium
5 is standard but you can swith in greater numbers. As soon as they are not needed periodically though they shoud be switched back out!
BlSt Premium
WA recommends max 5 plugins, but I have about 10. The ones I don't use often are ALWAYS deactivated, so currently have 6 activated giving me a score of 70%.

If you are not using a plugin often, you deactivate. For instance, my WP CLONE plugin for my website backup is only activated when I want to back up my website. As soon as back up is completed, I deactivate immediately.

I hope this helps
HalimNajm Premium
Thank you
DEversley Premium
Plugins are fine once the code is intact. Having plugins is the same as adding code snippets to your functions.php and in other files etc.

However, I believe WA is worried about them from the point of view of opening the door to poorly coded plugins. These can cause many problems (security problems as well) with your site and place more stress on WA's servers etc.

Andy3568 Premium
I think Wealthy Affiliate recommends 5 max. I have 6 on my site, and the "Plugins" rating is at 70%, so I'm thinking I have too many. Unfortunately, I use all of them, so I don't really know what I can do about it.
HalimNajm Premium
Thanks for the feed back.