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April 16, 2018
I was wondering if possible to rediredt a domain hosted here at WA to a website outside WA?I couldn't find a way to do it. May be I'm overlooking something.Thanks.Halim
January 03, 2018
It is 2018 here we survived. I have a question about Favorite Social media plugin? Any suggestion will be appreciated
December 30, 2017
The best thing I found this year is was introduced to WA. What I love about this community is everyone always ready to help and really works like a team, you don't feel alone. I want to Thanks everyone for the help and wish you Safe and Happy new year. Can't wait to see what 2018 storing for us. Also wondering if anyone knows if Team Beach-body have affiliate program.
December 28, 2017
I was going through my personal face book page and someone sent me the picture bellow and couldn't get it of my mind because it is completely describe me so I want to share it here with all my friends at WA I want to wish everyone very Happy and Safe New year.
December 20, 2017
On past Saturday My wife and Myself we decided to go up to sequoia Mountain, We both love the outdoor.At the topAnd it was few our drive and from there we went to an area that have a very big Rock stands up about 6700 feet high. They built stairs and walk ways through the rock.Some places you'll have to go side ways and if someone coming back down it is tight squeeze. Also you'll have to stop few times along the ways.I was surprised that I was able to make it to the top. The more up you go the
December 12, 2017
I was wondering, when you have few Plugins and they're Deactivated would that cause any harm? Do they need to be removed? Does it matter?Thank you All for your help
I have to say, WA is the best place to be part of, no mater if you're Up or Down it is the best place to share your experience and learn. I leaned a lot here at WA. I was member in other place in which cost me lot more money and learned almost nothing just get frustrated daily with no result.Now my last question about Plugins. Which are the most important 5 plugins to have and be able to run a website on?I hope it make sense what I'm asking- The 5 Plugins needed to run a website
December 10, 2017
How many maximum Plugins you should have on one site? and which ones that must have? A and if the Plugins sitting not activated does it do any harm?
I was wondering if there are themes better than another? Are they all equal? The website is Blogs no store in.Like some opinions, and if some works better than another.Appreciate the help. And all Have great weekend
December 07, 2017 want to share this Picture and couldn't Copy it instead Please click on the link abovethen you see the life in California lately.On Freeway 405 in Los Angeles you drive and the fire on your two sides of the freeway.The smoke smell really bad today I can't stop coughing. I hope you can open the video I tried it and I was able to.