I made $300 building a website!

Last Update: Oct 27, 2022

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So I build a website for someone and I was paid $300 and I will admit I didn't know if I could deliver but it turned out pretty good based on the people I showed it to.

Only down side is the guy I built the site for was trying to get over on me. My original price was $500 but I went all out and gave him everything I knew how to do and I could've easily charged him $1,200. But I didn't and he thought I should also train him how to navigate the website(which wasn't part of the deal) for $500.

He kept stalling on sending me the rest of the money but I just gave it to him for $300 to end the project. At the end of the day I came out with a profit, he got a great website for $300 that he can't operate and still can't get it to go live. This was 3 weeks ago. So I pretty much came out on top and I'm feeling pretty good.

This is why Wealthy Affiliate is a great program; it was WA that taught me how to build websites and I came use this skill to build sites for small businesses.

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Thats good going!

Why not hook his site up to WA's hosting, get him to pay the monthy fees or yearly fess and you'll leverage much more, because that will count as residual income from WA and add a bit for yourself.

Then all you need to do is log into his back office and update anything.

Big skills pay the bills!
Good work!
All the best!


That’s a great idea. I didn’t even think of that. I’m starting to build site local businesses and was looking at various Wordpress host companies. If you don’t mind, were you referring to having site through WA member allotment or can I just charge them for WA hosting? Thanks. Appreciate it.

Hi Karim.
I'd say why not take both options, if the customer allows it.

Keep it simple.

Yes - bill them if they want you to cover everthing, but they'll need to sign up to WA for a year, which would be better, instead of monthly payments, I really dont want to write too much about it here, but there's ways you could tie everthing together so that YOU benefit and the CUSTOMER benefits, just don't lie to them, be honest, ommit information according to the situation.

If they want to know where the hosting is... point to WA.

If they want you to just take full maintanance, responsibity charge them, because its work at the end of the day, you get it?


Customer needs a website!

Ok... ask them if they know anything involved with creating a website and hosting it on the net?

They reply: Nope!

So now there's a great opportunity for you and them.

You can tell them if they want a full package, they can sign up under you.( ie your affiliate link to WA)

Telling them that way they'll benefit from all the hosting, security,site support and notifications etc.

Or just keep it quite, and tell them that the platform you are an advocate of requires them to register with WA and that way you can have direct access to help them or create their website better with more benefits and support.

They'll have to use their own credit/debit card/bank card or whatever to pay WA for the year.

(You'll receive commission on it from WA and if they go year to year you'll recieve the residual income, you get me?)

Then once they are in WA thru your Affilliate link... Bingo!

Its easier for me to talk this, than to write it, so I hope you get the gist of what I'm pointing to.

Let me know.

Hi! You mentioned,
"Or just keep it quite, and tell them that the platform you are an advocate of requires them to register with WA and that way you can have direct access to help them or create their website better with more benefits and support."

My question, is it ok to ask their Login details after they Sign up? Do I need to create Privacy Policy or Agreement Form for them to Agree or Not in accessing Login Details of their Back office? Thank You!

Ok I understand what you're asking me.

From what I understand:

Depending on the scenerio, thats why i didnt want to write about this too much, because typing messages can be misunderstood or need alot more clarification, anyway.

So depending on the wording and scenerio that the person is in, at the time with the customer, and whether that customer solely wants you or accepts you to create a website for them.

If they accept that you may need to use their login details to log into WA, and that their personal details such as are seen on the WA platform maybe seen by you only, then get it on paper and signed for and agreed by both of you.

Other than that tell them that you'll just need to be an Admin to work on their site, if a weird situation occurs, and they say -

"hey we can do this ourselves"

Then you'll have got a sign up to WA either way, aslong as they went thru you affiliate link... you get me?

Always cover your back in business, regardless of whether its a friend or stranger.

Privacy policy and Agreement policy most definetly need to be clear and mentioned and signed when dealing with face to face customers or online customers, so as to protect your own interests and theirs.

Like I said, make it known that the platform you'll be using is WA and once they have agreed to that, and registered with WA, their personal details will be visable to you if you use that method, otherwise you could use a simple method.

Of only being an adminster of the their website, ie they will give you full access to their back office.

A simple method, would be to run everthing through you.


Customer agrees for you to manage or create a website for them.
You intruct them to pay WA for a year through your Advocate link.

(Dont forget you fee for creating the site)

Mention all the benefits and features that the site will recieve at WA.

Then you create the profile for them and have all the access needed, they just pay for the subscrition to WA, you do the work.

The domain name you can get them to pay for aswell.

You'll link that domain name to WA... and Bingo!

You start creating their website.

You give them a profile name and pic or no pic or bio or no bio as sometimes you can see here at WA and job done.

**Also let them know that you can not see their card details or just do it all in front of them.

I hope I've been clear in this relpy to you.
I know its abit long.
Let me know if I havent.

And if I'm wrong in saying any of this, or whats been mentioned here then can somebody put me in the right please, thanks.

Thank you so much for the effort to reply, Mustafa, I learned so much! I copied all and saved for me to read and understand more...

Thats good and you're welcome!

Actually, I thought about that but he kept trying to screw me and tried to get more than what we agreed upon and I had already given him just that. Instead of 3 pages I went ahead and gave him 7.

Plus, analytics, a subscriber form, 5 social media, a video intro that I edited, and an audio player, and these were things he asked for that at first I wasn't gonna do for $500. But I went all out and he doesn't know how to use any of them.

So right now I'm being petty. When you so use to getting over on people you tend to think everybody is doing it.

Well in my case it wasn't through WA his hosting was with Bluehost which uses WordPress. But his domain was with Google Domains. I had to set all that up and there is a process on how they would have to give you permission to go into another person"s website.
If you're gonna build all your sites through WA it is much easier and Yes you can charge them for hosting.

That’s great. It’s a shame how people don’t wanna pay what they owe. You did the right thing by just letting it go. Next time. Get what you worth. Up front.


Perhaps you can tie in some ongoing maintenance fees for the website, even on a monthly payment sort of basis or a per update basis. This one website, could lead to a lot more income than just that.

This is a strategy that anyone here can leverage, and that you can do over and over again. Lots of businesses out there need websites, and you can create a client relationship with many of them and build and sell websites (and do so with efficiency).

Nice work Johnny!

I would be he's not that type of client. He's a felon that just so happened to have been my first client. He gave me the opportunity which gave me the confidence I needed to really start taking this thing seriously.

That sounds awesome! Keep it up!

Well done, Johnny!


That's great that you're learning some quick profitability using your skills :) I would think though that it would be pretty important to let your client know how to actually have his site go live, lol, especially if you're wanting to do this for more clients in the future. :)

But it's something to build on!

So many ways to make money! Hope he comes around.

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