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I'm four months in to my membership and website here at WA. I stumbled across WA looking for other remote jobs and without knowing anything about affiliate marketing, I jumped right in. It was a free trial, couldn't hurt right?After completing Level 1 of training I read reviews, testimonies, blog posts through WA, anything I could find to give me a sign that it was worth it to continue training. I think you can guess what I ultimately decided considering I'm here four months later writing this
Happy Friday y'all! And thank god that it is. I cannot believe that we are 7 days from Christmas and only 14 days until 2021. This is my favorite part of the year. Where we're all starting to wind down, reminiscing and holding onto memories from throughout the year. I love the feeling of cozying up and taking things a little slower. Turning the heat on more often while also wrapping myself up in a blanket. Spending time with the people I love the most by getting out to have a few drinks and pla
Happy Friday Y'all!We are celebrating a few small successes today! I have reached over 200 foodie followers on my Facebook page today, I have moved up to the 2nd page on Google and I made my first commission from 5 Amazon purchases! Not going to lie, this week I felt like I was just treading through mud (I'm sure the election had a lot to do with that lol). I wasn't feeling so great, I started letting my anxiety get to me by questioning my progress and my faith in WA. I was scared about joining
October 26, 2020
Happy Monday, WA family! We've made it to Google!I was LITERALLY reading someone else's success post on being ranked in Google and I open a second tab to check on my dashboard and BOOM I got the pop up about my website! I am beyond shook about this. So of course, first thing I do is head to Google to type in my site name. I search "haleys kitchen" and on page 5 there she is in all her glory!This is such exciting news and an incredible mood boost!Just wanted to share my excitement with you all.
October 23, 2020
Hi everyone! Haley here with my 2nd blog post. Since my first post I have changed the focus/design of my website and I am much happier with my content and the direction it's going in!My website is about Kitchen Accessories. I am very passionate about cooking and wanted to start with an accessory site to discuss, types and styles of accessories, seasonal accessories and utensils, beginner gadgets, wacky gadgets and more! I have very supportive friends and family who have helped to share my websi
I've done it! I've successfully created my first post! (Other than my "about me")I have an english minor so I can be a bit of a perfectionist and get a bit carried away. I certainly wasn't expecting to type 1700 words for my first article.If you want to check it out stop by I'm still deciding on a domain to purchase, but will have one coming soon! On to my next step in level 2!