How Fleetwood Mac Helped My Online Business

Last Update: October 12, 2019

I’m a HUGE music lover!

It’s no secret that I LOVE Rock and Roll.

I’ve been a drummer for years, since I was 16 (although you can’t tell from my profile picture)

Psychologists have long confirmed the power of music over our subconscious mind and emotions.

An article on the Globe and Mail website had this to say in the post “Why Does Music Motivate Us”:

“Indeed much of music's power lies in its ability to elicit emotional reactions and enhance mood.

Recent neuroimaging investigations have allowed a dramatic increase in our understanding of how different networks of emotion- and motivation-related brain regions are recruited to produce these effective experiences.

From the visceral shiver running down one's spine, to the sense of empowerment that can arise from a good set of lyrics, or intensely positive memories associated with a favorite piece of music.”

Below are the lyrics of one of the most motivating songs I know, “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac, one of the greatest bands of all time.

The words to this song have motivated me for years, and as each year goes by they motivate me even more.

Really, how many times have you felt like this, “you wake up and don’t want to smile.”

I know I have.

But if we just “open our eyes” and see the possibilities the day can bring, you really can “see things in a different way.”

When EVERYTHING is going wrong, and sometimes it will, this is the attitude you MUST have to persevere!

“Tomorrow” is when your goals and dreams will be realized.

You MUST convince yourself that “it’ll soon be here. It’ll be, better than before.”

The mistakes you made “yesterday” are “gone” in the sense that you can’t do a single thing to change what happened “yesterday.”

“Yesterday’s gone”

Just let it go!

When we visualize how we want our life to be, we “think about the times to come, and not about the things that you've done.”

For many of us, our past was not very good. I can honestly tell you that my life did not turn out the way I expected.

The song says “If your life was bad to you, Just think what tomorrow will do”.

Again, looking forward and working for a better tomorrow for ourselves and our families is the reason why 90% of us are here at Wealthy Affiliate.

We cannot waist time – “tomorrow” will be here before you know it.

However, whether I’ll be “better than before” is completely up to me.

I’m the only one that can make my life better through personal development.

If I’m convinced that my life “I’ll be, better than before”, then I will do everything in my power to reach my daily goals.

Even when I fail, and there will be plenty of failures, “Yesterday’s gone, Yesterday’s gone”.


Dwelling on the past, especially a painful one, will hinder your personal growth.

You should use the past ONLY to motivate you, to make you more determined to never go through the PAIN again.

Find what motivates YOU and use it to grow your business. Keep a playlist of music that inspires and moves you to greater activity!

What music motivates and inspires you?

Let me know in the comments below.

Talk Soon,


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Talk2Ray Premium
Hi Howard. Thanks for sharing such a inspiring post.
H-Spinney Premium
Hello Ray,

You are welcome!

Thanks for taking the time to read...

AlexEvans Premium
Classic title, Howard, it will definitely bring the punters.

That song is iconic, talk to most folks from that time and they can remember their life flow when they first heard it.

Certain songs can resonate with our core being.

I have to agree with your insights and really like your refreshing approach.

Thank you.

H-Spinney Premium
Hello Alex,

Thank You for taking the time to read my post.

Your comments are encouraging and appreciated!

Talk Soon,
Aussiemuso Premium
What an exciting and fun post Howard, I can hear you singing away to this wonderful song. I love this band and their songs. As a teenager I sang along with Stevie Nicks never thinking that I would spend a lifetime singing that song on stage. There is so much joy in music, it really can sooth your soul and lift your spirits.

I'm heading out to a Sunday gig today and was feeling a little flat for various reasons, now I feel terrific. Their words and your exuberance is catching.

"Don't stop thinking about tomorrow. "

Yes, that why I'm here with you guys building a future business.
It's a pleasure to be in your company.

Have a great night and thank you for sharing this inspiration.

Lily 😊🎶
H-Spinney Premium
Hey Lilly,

Thank you for your wonderful comments!

They truly made my day!

You are a delightful person...

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Talk Soon,
NnurseBecca Premium
When my firstborn daughter was a baby, we used to listen to Fleetwood Mac. It was the only thing to calm her sometimes when she was teething or not feeling good. The lyrics are still soothing to me, and I agree you have a good point.
H-Spinney Premium
Hey Nurse Becca!

It’s always good to hear from you!

You never hesitated to help me when I reached out to you!

You are a kind soul!

Talk Soon,
Fleeky Premium
Creativity has always motivated me...
Like the beat of drums
H-Spinney Premium
Hey Fleeky,

Cool name from a cool dude ( or dudette )

Thanks for taking the time to read!

Talk Soon,