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My name is Daniel and I am from Mexico city, I am 30 years old and I have always been interested in business, I can´t wait to learn how Internet Marketing works!
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webkab Premium
Thought I'd connect with you since we have been in WA about the same time together. I took the 30 day training twice and especially appreciate potpiegirls blogs and magistudio Jays wabinars and instructions. I launched a business at www.comforthealthybikesaddles.com that producing a small income right now. All because of WA. Best of luck to you and MUCH SUCCESS.
SquidooSlfMstr Premium
Aloha Daniel. Your (internet) business interest will serve you well. Get it set up and never be at the mercy of your employer.

You're not the first person, nor the last, to feel lost w/ affiliate marketing. Like I mentioned to a member who wanted to quit after 3 weeks, the reason you are confused is b/c all the words in tutorials are new to you. It's really a foreign language. So, only when you see the words and use the concepts over and over and over will it start to make sense.

The confusion will disappear IF YOU KEEP AT IT. So, focus on your interest (which is an Internet Marketing business) to keep you going and the confusion will be gone. Much success.
Guamuchilito Premium
Hello everybody, I am back, after some weeks confused I decided to follow the training course for beginners I admit that I have been lost !
Guamuchilito Premium
Hello everybody, this is my first post, wherever you are I hope you are haveing a great day !
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family