Scam Alert - When will Technology Police catch up and shut these A.holes down!

Last Update: July 21, 2016

I get a number of this sort of thing in my emails each week.

Besides my Avast scanner flagging it as "Phishing", I do not have an account with ANZ, the from emails are suspect (.ru really!!!) it is easily recognisable as an email that should be deleted immediately. NEVER EVER CLICK ON ANY LINK WITHIN THE EMAIL.

I am mystified as to where such people get my email addresses and why they cannot be tracked down and duly prosecuted given today's technology.

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stevecox Premium
We are going to hang them all very soon !
MarionBlack Premium
Thank you for sharing.

This example is one of the worst types of phishing emails because most of it looks genuine. NEVER click on links in emails. Go to your browser and type in the address you know to be safe and always look for httpS:// and the padlock in the address bar.
Time4Wealth Premium
Hi. Thank you for sharing this. I will be extra vigilant.
~ Lisa
RTejeda Premium
Thanks for sharing this information, Geoff. We have to be very careful.
JamesBB Premium
Hi Geoff, Its a pain in the backside. According to an email I received a couple of minutes ago, I won an Oz Lottery draw that gives me free tickets for the next 2 weeks in all lotteries, INCLUDING the winning numbers.
How lucky am I ! ?

Problem with finding the people sending the messages is that they use relayed email addresses that they steal and forward through multiple servers. Police would never find them.