Suffering Beginning

Last Update: August 27, 2018

Oftentimes, starting a new endeavor births a myriad of inconsistent emotions. The beneficial one's I use for fueling my confidence. Conversely, The negative one's feed the excuse demon helping rationalize why I have not made time to replace my recipe for underachievement with new ingredients. My current state of mind is the start, Although confusing,

I believe the possibility of success may be my subconscious' Achilles heel. Feeling competent can be overwhelming but I welcome the weird feelings. This blog will help to develop steady and consistent steps, and my first feelings of empowerment to know I am not standing alone nor still!

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BLHeureux Premium
You’ve got this! Keep on rocking it! Confidence will come in time as you see all the small successes build up to one huge success!
keishalina Premium
thanks kindly for sharing... :)
Kerjackie Premium
You are at the beginning of your venture with your online business, take a big breath, go through all the step by step training, be confident, get help when you feel stuck somehow, practice what you have learned to help others. You will be fine.
HarveyBrown Premium
New beginnings can be both exciting and frightening Tyus. I would definitely focus on the exciting part and use the scary part to help you step out of your comfort zone. All the best.
CravenATAT Premium
Take those feelings and turn them into positives. Use what you learn and turn that to writing and create content that engages the masses!