What is the Honest to God Likelihood that you get in trouble for Stealing Pictures off Google Images

Last Update: October 02, 2018

None of the image content resources provided by the tutorials have given me any forms of useable image content. However, Google images has a plethora of images that are perfect for the site I'm creating. How risky is it to take pictures off of google images and what's the worst that could realistically happen in doing so? Thanks guys.

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Gregory just some food for thought, in short answer to your question, probably nothing at all when you are starting out.

The problems arise when you are building or have built some real momentum, problem number one is that stock image houses vehemently defend their position and the positions of the creatives that they represent. selling and managing creative content is how they make their money, they have a zero tolerance for freeloaders.

How do they catch up with you?


It is a resource that reverse searches images. So if I am a photographer or stock image provider I can search for instances of my work online.

No pay and you will end up paying.

That could be the worse case scenario if we do due diligence on the images that we use and they are under a creative commons license, then we can be okay using google images.

We need to be mindful, and take care because the tap on the shoulder will come when success is flowing through your front door.

Not putting you off just some food for thought.
DonnieNorton Premium
With the many thousands of images available here at WA why take the risk?
BeauAndNik Premium
Lawsuits... fines of 50k+..