Key word optimization- urgent question

Last Update: October 05, 2018

Hey guys. I need to know something very important that no one at WA has been able to give me a straight answer on. It's about multiple key words in one post. Not the same keyword multiple times, but different key words that are sub keywords of the main key word. For instance, lets say I made a post about tapestries, which is the main key word. Then I made the categories in my content "Nature Tapestries," "Space tapestries" "Funny Tapestries" and "Skyline Tapestries" and all 4 of those were keywords I have on my list would google shut that down. And then what if I inserted key words for those key words, such as "Nature Tapestries for guys" and put that under the content category and key word "Nature tapestries". However, I'm only using each of these key words once in the post. Is that okay, or is that considered stuffing???

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Dale123 Premium
Here’s a good post that goes over exactly that:
Zarina Premium
Hey Greg,

If your post is lengthy and flows naturally, it shouldn't be too problematic. In fact, in your case, you might actually help Google understand what your article is about.

It's like adding synonyms (or LSIs). To find more of those, type your keyword in Google and then scroll down to "Searches related to [your KW]" section or use alphabet soup technique: I hope this helps.

Also, just a constructive feedback:

Try separating large blocks of text into smaller, "digestible" chunks. On the internet, people like easy reading.
Vickic3 Premium
I don't see this as stuffing if it does like you suggest as you are mixing up different essential keywords so I cannot see how Google would take offence to this as far as indexing goes Greg