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I am proud to say I have officially created my first site. I also monetized it a couple weeks ago! However, I am incredibly frustrated at the fact that I implemented adsense over a week ago and still no ads are live on my site. Furthermore, I have a key word list of 134 words with over 90,000 searches for those words in monthly traffic according to Jaxy. However, I'm averaging 1-2 visits to my site a day and those could honestly just be my friends. Also, the majority of those key words have rid
October 12, 2018
Hello everyone,I was really hoping someone out there would be willing to help mentor me. I have all these complex questions running around my and I feel like it'd be more efficient to just talk over the phone with someone about them. I have some incredible ideas I'd like to bring to fruition, but don't know how. If any of you are interested in giving me some help please comment your number below or message me and I'll make sure to reach out to you. For instance, what if I wanted to promote my o
October 11, 2018
How do you change the color of the font for the words on your homepage in Word Press. Now that I have a photo background you can't really see the font any more.
So far I have been hammering away at these lessons. Being a full time student hasn't made this easy, but I've been making the most of all of my free time to get the website up and running. I am in the Dorm Room Decor Niche for college students and based on the strength of keywords I'm hoping to make a $1000 in the next 3 months. I hope to make $3000 in the next 6 months, and hope to have another website in a less broad niche up and running by then.
October 08, 2018
How do I convert published posts into google+ posts? It won't even allow me to add a link to my google+ posts when I try because it says the links I'm copying and pasting from the different posts I have on my website are invalid... Please offer advice. Thanks.
Hey guys. I need to know something very important that no one at WA has been able to give me a straight answer on. It's about multiple key words in one post. Not the same keyword multiple times, but different key words that are sub keywords of the main key word. For instance, lets say I made a post about tapestries, which is the main key word. Then I made the categories in my content "Nature Tapestries," "Space tapestries" "Funny Tapestries" and "Skyline Tapestries" and all 4 of those were keyw
None of the image content resources provided by the tutorials have given me any forms of useable image content. However, Google images has a plethora of images that are perfect for the site I'm creating. How risky is it to take pictures off of google images and what's the worst that could realistically happen in doing so? Thanks guys.
September 25, 2018
Can someone who is adept in keyword rich content please text my personal number. I have some open-ended questions I could really use answered and would love to get connected with someone who has a knack for content creation and understands how to truly optimize traffick. My number is 248-930-8096. I could probably get all my questions answered in 5 minutes. I'm a young kid who is brand new to affiliate marketing and would love some guidance. Maybe even a mentor because I plan on going far with
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I was wondering when writing a post focusing on a certain keyword is it smart to incoorporate other keywords you're using that are similar to the one you're targeting in the content paragraphs. For instance, if my first post is focusing on college dorm room decorations, would it be smart to sprinkle different iterations such as dorm room decor, guys dorm room decor, best dorm room decor, etc., which I've found to all be very strong keywords as well??? I want to know how to maximize SEO and was
Hey guys. My name is Greg Turner. I'm a tenacious 19-year-old workaholic from Rochester, Michigan. I'm making this post because I figured anyone else doing this training is probably as driven and hungry for success as me. I'm looking to network with some cool people for future oppurtunities. Check out my bio and lets link up! P.S., as a full time student heavily involved on campus and as someone teaching himself real estate wholesaling on the side, I'm ridiculously busy. If any of you have gone