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CMitchell5 Premium
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Glendon,
Just dropping by to thank you for the follow and also for the opportunity to be part of your network, I hope that your WA experience is going well
PatsyC Premium
Thanks for following me, I'm following you back.

Wishing you success with WA :)
onlineflow Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate, Glendon. And
Congratulations on going Premium!

You've come to the right place to learn everything about Internet Marketing

The formula is easy:
Dive into the training... Ask Every Question... Apply... Rinse... Repeat...
That's it - We got your back!

My best to you,
newmarketpro Premium
Hi Glendon,
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate community and Congratulation on upgrading to Premium. You are now one of us, the awesome community. I am positive you are going to make it a success here in WA. WA is all about sharing, helping, building and growing together.

susanmacneil Premium
Welcome to Premium Wealthy Affiliate.
I am thoroughly enjoying my time here.
I hope you are as well.
Congratulations on your decision to go Premium, you will not be sorry, that is for sure!
Have fun.
samozturk Premium
Welcome to the premium membership Greenwhoo! get ready for a life changing experience. Glad to have you part of this community

Follow the training and be sure to ask any questions you may have.

AlexEvans Premium
Hi Glendon,
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate premium all the best as you settle in and start creating your online presence, it is an excellent opportunity to create some new outcomes.
AskMsBev Premium
Welcome to WA. I wish you much success. I just recently joined myself. I like WA. I think it will definitely help you with your online business.
David58 Premium
Welcome to WA.

VicLees Premium
Hello, I just wanted to take the time and welcome you to WA Premium! You will not regret your decision. I wish you much success in your new business.
PatsyC Premium
Congratulations on becoming a Premium Member! you now have what is needed to create a website and successful business :)
TonyHamilton Premium

Welcome to WA Premium Membership my Friend!

You have made a wise choice and I look forward to hearing about your success very soon.

RobSciubba Premium
Hi and welcome! You've come to the best place to succeed and I wish you all the success in the world! :-)
gashihekuran Premium
Hi! Great decision on going Premium.
I wish you a lot of success at WA!

MikeC69 Premium
Great to see you decided to upgrade to a premium membership!
Congratulations !
If I can help you in any way, just let me know !
Best of success!
DaveST Premium
Hello and welcome
NicoAlpaca Premium
Welcome to the Premium part of WA. You will enjoy the additional training and the WA community. Cheers, Nicole
onmyownterms Premium
Welcome to WA!

You may find this post helpful on your journey.
MoneyMech Premium
Congrats on going premium! Following you! :D
dbriley Premium
Congrats on going premium! Learning and building your business here is a wonderful experience.
celiacman Premium
Welcome To WA
Greenwhooper Premium
Nub well i see what progress i have made over their on the left started with that fella fishing in pond with boat sweet i can as well as the comunity
Looks like i ran in cicles about 4 of them to b exact
If ya cant beatm join them here i come
herinnelson Premium
Hi Glendon! Great decision going Premium! You've now just launched your business to the moon! See you there!
HennieSteyl Premium
A warm welcome to WA Premium. May your stay with us be a blessed one.
Here are training and a post of mine that can help you on this exciting journey. Leave a comment after you read it and tell me how you feel. Hennie
Greenwhooper Premium
My goal today i have day off is to get nich sites or at least one up to learn is key i am extremely interested but not quite evoled enough still feeling like well stupid fish in a smart pond
Today just got up going to relax chill for hour and
Chat more ask questions get more involved
Greenwhooper Premium
Goal is to relax go out side pick morrals mushrooms
HennieSteyl Premium
Go for it, Glendon. Whatever your goal is, stick to it and finish it.
Greenwhooper Premium
I don"t know for sure is it correct or must i make afew
tweeks not sure

Got to get up early good night all
AnisChity Premium
Hey Glendon, welcome to Wealthy Affiliate! I am Anis, thanks for accepting my invite I am here to help you along the way. If you ever have any questions or need a hand with anything, do let me know.

As a new member here, you should check out the Online Entrepreneur Certification getting started course (Level 1). This is a task-based course that will get you taking action on daily tasks that will lead to you building web assets. Here is the link that you will see within your main menu labeled "Get Started Here". Don't forget to create your personal profile by adding an image and a few words about yourself! You will find many WA members come offering their help and asking you to follow them which is a great resource for you to have access too, many members here have a wealth of knowledge that you can tap into.

Just a quick heads up. You can just do the course and that's it or you can take advantage of a discount on a premium membership here at WA. There is absolutely no pressure to change your status, but if you decide to become a Premium member and unlock absolutely everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer and do so before your 7 day course is over you will qualify for a 50% discount on the first month of your membership.

Another thing! You might be wondering how long does it take to make money with your online business here at WA?

My friend Alex (one of the most successful entrepreneurs on Wealthy Affiliate did a great post on that!

Check it out! It's nice to meet you Glendon if you have any questions I am always here to help! :)

Greenwhooper Premium
Thanks is that a get me trained and up and running course for niches no hurry i know that when useing chat room some might take offense i am a bit shy of it probaly my manners
Are not excepted
Message back
Involve ment these things i must suck up and dive in
Have not looked at gmail in couple days
Not being facebook if u look me up you will c what i mean
I live with my mother and won't except even her lol
She is awsome to yet sceptical of my involvement here
Nay sayer she will notice when pay pal checks start rolling in
Being retired from banking proof is in the pudding
Well than pudding she will get