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August 11, 2016
Sending out a massive thank you to all the contributors and helpers.I know there are some like FHagstrom, Dreamer56 and others who seem to stay up really late (or early depending on where you are ) to provide help and answers on the live chat.Also to all of you who have put together tutorials to help us all move forward.Thank you so very very much.Wishing us all a wonderfully successful dayVee
August 09, 2016
Good morning all,Today is a day of Focus and placing attention on the way we SEE things!Just for today...Focus on your achievements, and not on what you still have to doFocus on what you have, and not on what you feel is lackingFocus on abundance and not on scarcityFocus on giving and not on receivingFocus on all the things you love about yourself and not the things you feel need to changeFocus on all what is good in your life and not on what you feel is not working.Look at the world through a
...with yourself?Very often the kinds of relationships we have are a reflection of our own relationship with ourselves. If we are kind, loving, understanding and forgiving to ourselves, we will generally be so with others. Being in a state of constant anger, negativity, struggle and disagreement with ourselves is what we attract in return from outside.Having a healthy relationship also means taking time for ourselves, finding a good balance between working and resting, taking time for (self) re
August 07, 2016
A thought to guide us through the day!have a good one, everyone.
August 05, 2016
From a book by Don Miguel Ruiz called the "Four Agreements". Some good guides to live by I would say.Words have so much power, let us use them wisely and kindly.It is personal when it pertains to you, but what others think of you is notyour business; so I would say don't take it to heart.Assume makes as ASS our of U and Me!When you think something has gone wrong or is not going as you want,just remember to tell yourself, I am doing my best because that is the best I can do.have a great weekend
August 05, 2016
I used to compare myself a lot with others in the past, and the thing about this, it always gave me some reason to feel bad about myself - not good enough, not fast enough, not intelligent enough,....Once I discovered that this was really not helpful to me at all I decided to just be more accepting of myself the way I am.That's me; there are people who get motivated from comparing themselves to others. Fine too because we are all different. For those who don't feel motivated by such comparisons
August 04, 2016
How are you today?How many times have you asked this question today?Did you wait for a response, better still, did you WANT a response or was it just the usual superficial remark we make when meeting someone?Maybe that person you just asked really needs someone to tell how they are feeling. Your asking them how they are today and being genuine in wanting to know might make all the difference in the world to them.Just for today, what about being genuine and really meaning it when you ask someon
August 03, 2016
Yes, I admit (and admitted) that I made a mistake.I take full responsibility for not being 100% attentive in the moment when I switched from the Site Feedback tab to the Site Comment tab.Just for those of you who might not have read the blog from Tony, I apologised to him as soon as I read his blog. As far as I can see there was no danger, as suggested, that I would have caused damage to his website. The feedback/comment did not go beyond the realms of the WA community as far as I know.This blo
August 01, 2016
“Act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you’d like to act.”—Bob DylanGreat Singer, Great words!
August 01, 2016
In the month or so that I have been here I have read many questions from people asking how much money they can make, wondering and lamenting why they have not yet made any money in the first month, asking how much money others make, etc etcNO problem in asking, not at all. If you don't ask, you have already lost.However it might be wise for us to check our mindset when it comes to money and making it. Money is a form of energy which comes and goes, it FLOWS. When we attempt to force money to co