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September 04, 2016
Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.Wishing us all a wonderful SundayVee
Words from Nelson Mandela:"It always seems impossible until it is done".Right now if things seem difficult and you feel they are not happening quick enough,or the way you would like, be patient, focus on the last thing that WORKED OUT right,take a deep breath and decide what your next step is going to be.And when you have done that, decide when you are going to take action on it.And then send me a PM so I can check on you!!!Mandela was patient for 25 years because he believed in something - you
August 31, 2016
A cousin of mine is visiting from the states. We have had many conversations about our different situations, and what is considered "normal" both here and there. The conversation also came to what we need and what we want. We both agreed that people in general often mistake what they need with what they want. SInce returning to live in the Caribbean I have come to realise and learnt how to be even more discerning with what I THINK I need (which is probably really only half of what I REALLY nee
Would like to contact anyone who coaches people or is a mentor or would like to be one.Greetings and thanksValina
August 22, 2016
Can anyone tell me how to hide the address on my google plus business page? I am not selling anything physical from that address and don't want it published like this.thanks
I don't know much about baseball but it seemed to me that this summarises the WA community so well.We are part of the game of life, an exciting adventure. WE are also part of the team, each with his own agenda, but also making a contribution to making the community what it is - one of sharing and support, many of us giving back something of what we learn and pick up along the way.I can't talk for anyone else but I find it really enriching when I am able to give back something of what I have
August 17, 2016
Even if you don't believe in God, or use a different name, it is the message that counts!Wishing us all a safe, productive and successful day, full of laughter and love.Vee
August 15, 2016
Or at least that is my intention for today, to make this a COMPLAINT, CRITICISM AND JUDGEMENT free day.It is so easy to get caught up in complaining, criticising and judging (ourselves and others), especially when we are in a conversation with others doing just that or in some other toxic environment.So I would just like to invite whoever is called to do so, to join me in making a difference to my life and yours today by avoiding the two C's and their J brother. No complaining, ciriticising or
August 13, 2016
Mr. Lincoln was indeed a wise man!
A friend of mine recently told me about a great organising tool,which I would like to share with you here. I find it really helpful in keeping to my daily 5 list and not getting overwhelmed with so many things to do .I find it clear, easy to use and can synchronise on all my devices.It is called Wunderlist, here is the link you find it as helpfulVee