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October 06, 2016
Hi all, has anyone else noticed this when trying to access a site on chrome?What are your experiences? I got the warning that the site I was accessing (my own) is not secure; apparently this is a new feature of chrome.Would be interested to hear what anyone has to say. Just noticed it today.thanks Vee
Can anyone help?I would like to be able to share my WA blogs directly to my facebook page.In lesson 9 course 4 Kyle talks about this but I do not have the like button at the topof my page like he has in the video :( :(Any ideas?Thank you Vee
This is mostly addresssed to us "newbies" as the "older" members of the WA family know this already...I have recently read quite a few blogs referring to the high number of emails people receive/spend time on daily. I had this problem too for a while. Not only did I follow Helen Doyle'sadvice about editing my email preferences I find it quicker and easier to just go to the activity dashboard, click on activity and then popular. I can then
October 04, 2016
Good Morning all,I want to thank all those who offered help with the issue I was having with my siterubix link.Seems there was something wrong with the link at first; once that was solved I attempted to add it in my sidebar. It took a lot of backwards and forwards between myself and support till they also gave up. But giving up was not an option for me...Then came KYLE to the rescue - he pointed out that the link has to be inserted in the text because of the width!!! SO easy...Thanks to KyleTha
October 01, 2016
Hi all,so I was doing my keyword search this afternoon for the first of my blogs for this weekend - yes I am being ambitious!!I noticed the Rapid Writer link and thought, ok I am now going to take the time to check it out. I have been meaning to do so for some time now actually.So I looked to see if there was any info on how to best use it, and as i did not find anything I would like to ask you lovely people if 1. anyone knows how it is supposed to be used2. how it can be best used3. have you h
September 30, 2016
While striving for success I think it helps add quality to our lives to also focus on the abaundance we already have in our life in so many different forms. I find that most often when people talk about success they relate or associate it to material success. Nothing wrong with that at all. We all know success comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. The Law Of Attracttion says if you focus on what you already have you get more of what you have. I have found this to b
September 23, 2016
Sometimes something happens in a different way than we planned, would like or expected and we get all huffed and puffed up, flustered and possibly even disappointed.Life happens all the time, some days are better, some days are worse, focus on the good and forget the curse.I have decided to do myself a favour today and focus on the good, remembering to ask myself if I were to get all huffed and puffed up over some thing would it still be important in a week, a month, 6 months...? Enjoy the adve
September 19, 2016
Just in case you did not see this recent post from Kyle either... have just deleted askimet and re-installed spamshield.have a great sunday all
September 17, 2016
Hi everyone,I attempted to add the pinterest button to my site using the custom button option(tweet like plusone) but it does not seem to be working.Anyone have an idea how to recitfy this?Thanks for any suggestionshave a great day everyonevee
September 05, 2016
Hi everyone,i am having some difficulty when I edit the font in the visual version with page builder and it is driving me nuts. Anyone have any experience who could please give me some help?thank you muchvee