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Hello all,I was shocked to see that someone had posted some less than acceptable posts on my google plus site today of women in positions that i really do not want to see or share.I tried reporting them as abusive but the link is apparently not working,does anyone know how i can stop this? I really do not want these to be on my page.Thanks for any helpVee
October 30, 2016
Reading StepChook's blog post this morning reminded me of something.We can and do make all the plans we want and have the best intentions to stay committed to our (business) plan, or any other plan for that matter. However LIFE happens and is not predictable; everything can change from one moment to the next. So while it is necessary to make plans if you want to succeed in your business, always remember that we only have "control" over so much in our lives.The only thing we can control 100% ar
Hi all,sunny and warm greetings on this wonderful Friday.I have a question and would like some feedback.In one of the lessons Kyle talks about creating 3 blogs a week as a baseline.I have to admit that at the moment I am struggling to create one every week, even though I have a schedule and am doing well sticking to it - I spend time thinking about a new theme, looking for my keywords, but the actual writing of it takes time as I write, re-write, and keep editing to make it "pass" the Yoast tes
October 26, 2016
Hi there,have you set up all your social media accounts and are posting regularly?No? What???Well if you are like I was when I first started out with my online activities some months back, I can perfectly understand that. It DOES take some time to get into the "Social Media Know", and be doing all the right things at the right time.That and building a website at the same time, especially if you are a perfectionist, can be daunting.Well the good news is....there is lots of help available! :)I ju
October 22, 2016
If you want to change something in you life,CHANGE SOMETHING in your life!Others can help, support, offer advice, but in the end if WE do not make the Necessary changes, it ain't gonna happen
Good morning all.I am still looking for some help with creating my online store and integrating my amazon astore into it. Can anyone help?Here is my issue:I have a domain and want to build an online store for my site, not just an astore.I would though like to create an amazon astore and use the following option"Integrate your aStore using a frameset."My problem is that the instructions are not clear AND I do not understand how to set up the frame.Can anyone help? I have looked for a training an
October 17, 2016
What are some of the things you would like to have in your life? Maybe there are some things you are planning to have or do once you make enough money with your online activities with WA?A couple of days ago I was reminded of an exercise I did last year, when it came up in a similar way as part of a course I am doing. I found it to be very helpful, even the second time around and would like to share it with you, if you are open to it.I would like to invite you to make a list of the things you w
We so often read, hear and say that we are all responsible for ourselves and our lives, but what do we really MEAN when we say this?Do we mean that it is up to us to make sure we have enough food, somewhere to live, clothes to wear etc? Does this also include our "responsibility" for those in our care such as children, (older/elderly/sick) parents, employees? What do you think, what does responsibility mean to you? I would like to share something I read today from
October 12, 2016
wow, all the pages of my site indexed on page one of google!!
October 09, 2016
Hi,I want to say straight off, this is in no way a complaint. I would just like to understand the ranking system.I enjoy doing what I am doing, helping others, welcoming others etc and would do so even if I did not get points for it.But when I looked today at my rank and the changes I was a but surprised and can not make sense of the system. Although I have not been writing many WA blogs recently I have still been helping others on live chat, giving feedback, interacting with others via PM and