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December 06, 2016
Probably much more than you think.I have up to now avoided teaching a certain course because I thought I did not know enough about it to be able to do so. And this even though a part of me has been pushing me in this direction for quite a long time.A recent conversation with someone made me realise that I do actually know quite a lot about this topic, and in fact a lot more than I thought I did.Thinking about this some more made me realise that it was the perfectionist voice which was telling m
December 01, 2016
Hey all,hope you are having a wonderfully creative day so far.If you have ever fasted you will know how beneficial it is for your whole system. Done properly fasting brings a lot of benefits with it, apart from the bonus (for some ) of losing some belly fat! Fasting can be done for different reasons, for me it is mostly as a form of detoxification.I am now planning to fast at the beginning of the new year. I know that is still a couple of weeks away but was wondering if anyone would be up for a
December 01, 2016
Trying to be HAPPY by accumulating possessions, is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body.George CarlinI love this saying. It reminds me that I can not TRY to be happy, because I AM. Happiness does not depend on something outside of me - happiness lies within, and is always there.So I don't have to depend on something to be happy; nothing, no matter what, nada, nobody, nichts! It might add to my happiness but IT in itself can never make me happy.An encouragement t
December 01, 2016
The Law of Attraction says "ask and you will receive"; I don't know the Bible well, but I believe there is a similar quote to be found there too.It is one thing to ask, and quite another to know HOW to ask. If it is true that we get whatever we ask for, then I would say making sure I ask for what I really want merits some thought. You see, many of us ask for what we don't want by focusing on exactly those things. For example, how often do we focus on things like the bills showing up in the lett
November 29, 2016
When was the last time you congratulated yourself? For anything? Well I would like to encourage you to do so today.I know there must be SOMETHING that you have done well today, something you are going to do, or something that you just DID full stop which merits a celebration. It does not always have to be a major feat like climbing Mount Everest (in which case I would never have anything to celebrate -lol). If you like you can even set yourself a goal now and make s
November 28, 2016
Recently I have read a lot of "rants" from various members here. They are ALL justified because we are ALL different and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Of course when we comment we are also entitled to OUR opinion. I think it ought to be ok to say what you are really feeling and be authentic, without being harsh, judging others or criticising them - it is just a matter of the tone! WA is a microcosm of the world we live in and we all know that there are sooooo many diffe
November 20, 2016
To my surprise this was the notification I received after leaving a comment on the site comment page. I was really surprised because I would never think of copying a comment from somewhere else to leave for someone who is "paying" credits for it. But how can this happen? I decided to rewrite my comment, which in my view WAS original and the same thing came up again!!Has this ever happened to anyone else?So that will be the end of my comment writing for tonight -
Yeah everybody, just read Kyle@s post! :) :) :)So excited and looking forward to moving forward with WA. This is all so FAN-TAS-TIC!!! Wishing us all a wonderful Black Friday and to our continued individual and combined successes as a great community. you in? I certainly am!
This morning the biggest full moon since 1948 was visible in the skies.I woke up early enough to see it in all its glory but fell back asleep again - I was awake till very early this morning reading WA mails!It is a very powerful full moon not only because it is so close to the earth. For many of us this will be a once in a lifetime experience.I was somewhat disappointed at first that although I got to see the moon just over the sea, I didn't get to take a photo which I had already intended ye
November 10, 2016
A quick reminder: Working without distractionsFor some of us our phones have become almost like our life blood. Having our phones close by at all times is a MUST and some of us can just not imagine living without a phone.BUT, having your phone close by when you are wanting to do focused work (without distractions)can be a real hinderance. So before you start your focused work:1. Have a drink of water - your brain will work better2. 2.Set up your work space3. TURN OFF