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December 22, 2016
Just a thought:People will do business with you if they feel they know you, trust you and like you.Even if they don't like you they may still do business with you but the trust and knowing elements are mandatoryAgree? Disagree?Vee
December 21, 2016
How often do you use one of the hundreds of free online tools available, from Wordpress to thunderbird, hootsuite etc etc etc, and there are really many etceteras.Many of them have donate buttons or refer to donations via a pop up.Have you ever thought of making a (small or large) donation? The people who develop these tools and programmes mostly likely do so with a lot of love and passion I imagine but they also have to live. I started donating a few months back and it
Good news for you my friends in the Northern Hemisphere- Today was the shortest day of the year, winter solstice 2016! 7 hours 49 minutes and 41 seconds to be exact (in the UK). Last night was the longest night. Although some say this is the first day of winter, from a meteorological point of view winter is at the beginning of December. But the days will start getting longer which means summer will be upon us again in the twinkling of an eye - admittedly a looonnngg twinkle but you know what I
December 21, 2016
Wow, what a great surprise - one of my pages is ranked number one on page one on google, on Bing numbers one and two on page one, and on yahoo page one number one!!"I'm so excited, that I just can't hide it..."I can't remember if it is against the rules to show the screenshot so I will leave them out.have a great day everyone. Vee
December 21, 2016
To start off with I want to note that I have specifically kept this post general as I am not referring to any one person in particular when I use "we",While I believe that perseverance is a major aspect of being successful, I also believe that sometimes when things are not "happening" the way I want and at the pace I want, it is good to take a step back and go with the flow.There are constant reminders here in this forum and elsewhere which in one way or another tell or remind us not to give up
December 20, 2016
Hello all,For me winter time has generally been a time of reflection, going within etc. With the winter solstice coming up on 21 December I am again reminded of this. I know many people in the northern Hemisphere who will be happy about this because it means the days will start getting longer! :)Going back to me reflections - I recently shared thoughts on the following questions with others and the answers that came up were really interesting. So I thought I would put them to you and give you a
December 19, 2016
At this time of year it seems that eating is probably the second most prioritised item on most agendas, following the gifts or thoughts about gifts. From what I hear and see there seems to be a large number of people who feel they " have to " give to other people. (That is the subject of another blog).Fridges may be fuller than usual just before and after Christmas day, so here is a reminder of certain things which fare better if they are not stored in your fridge - leaving them out will also
Now while this is not a rant, I would like to point out something which I do not like. To tell the truth I have noticed it so often I now feel moved to say something.I have to admit that I have an issue with the way that some posts make general and sweeping statements about "everybody", "most people at WA", "we all" "we humans" or any of the 100 variations on this.I ask myself how can the person writing this possibly know what "everyone at WA" thinks,? How can they know whether I belong to tha
December 13, 2016
Does it happen to anyone else that when you open a profile and want to close it afterwards that clicking on the X in the top right hand corner does not (always) work?Any suggestions or ideas why?Thank you
.... and it keeps happening! To You too?Yes of course to you too; to all of us reading this.We woke up this morning, we could see (someone, something), we were able to speak, smell, sense. And throughout the night there were other miracles occurring - our hearts were beating even though we were fast asleep, our lungs were doing their job keeping our breathing going, our skin was regulating our body temperature....isn't that all just amazing!!Yes, I see these occurrences as miracles, miracles wh