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January 03, 2017
...But I will get over it!I work and publish regularly on my site but all of a sudden my Site health has dropped to "only" Site health is getting better :( :(It is telling me that my contributions are only 30% (whaaattt???) and my engagement is the same although I ALWAYS answer comment right away and engage my readers!Hhhmmm ... well I am not one for letting something like this get me down, and that is the message of this post -I could choose to let it spoil my day but I am going to chose to t
January 02, 2017
...this might be a thought worth rememberingI wish us all a wonderfully successful 2017. May you be showered with love, light,prosperity, good health, joy, happiness, laughter and success in ALL your endeavoursVee
.... I chose progress over perfection!I challenged myself to create my first tutorial and I did it yeah, yeah , yeah!!It is perfect for me right now, at this moment where I am, so without being arrogant I congratulate myself for taking this (for me) big step.The incoming year can only get better.Much love and blessingsVee
December 30, 2016
Yesterday was New Moon. The new moon is typically the best time to set intentions for the coming month. This might be a time you want to use to set some intentions for the next 28 days. Our minds are very powerful and we do actually create our reality.What are your intentions for the next 28 days as far as WA and your business are concerned? what about your family, your health, your happiness?You might like to just take some time and think about what you really want the beginning of the year to
December 30, 2016
Smart guy Jack! Attitude is so important.
December 29, 2016
Two days ago I "lost" the training I was creating and asked how to retrieve it in a blog.Well, was I ever chuffed this morning to read that Shane had used this opportunity to create a training, helping not only me but others who might have had or will have this issue. This just perfectly exemplifies the spirit of support, help, friendship, sharing, love and how we value each other. Man I am so touched by the spirit of the WA community.Wouldn't it be great if we would all bring out more of this
December 27, 2016
hi there,I was creating my first tutorial, had it saved but just wanted to g over it again to make sure it was all ok before publishing. But I seem to have lost it and am not sure how to retrieve my work...can anyone help? I wouldn't want to lose it after plucking up so much courage to get it done in the first place :(thank you tutorial experts or anyone else answering.Vee
December 27, 2016
... a reminder thatWhat are you choosing?
December 24, 2016
I have to admit I have not been feeling very christmasy at all... up to about an hour ago.I was in the supermarket and there was this warm feeling of joy, being connected and genuine love and one stressed, rushing etc, people smiling and wishing each other merry christmas. It was wonderful; this is part of the christmas feeling I so miss.To round it off I came home and put on some christmas carols! NOW I am really feeling like it is christmas! So my
December 23, 2016
Good morning my fellow WAs.This is one of my reminders to be found around my house....Always leave people better off than you met them.Hug the hurt,kiss the broken,Befriend the lostLove the lonely.Not sure who wrote this but it is a constant reminder of how to help others.