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January 22, 2017
I am a star!Well not really, but I was reminded earlier this week of how opportunities are always there, we just have to see them and take them.I went to my doctor on Wednesday to check a thyroid issue I have. While talking about this I mentioned that I had just published the first of a four part blog series on Thyroidism. The conversation continued and then he said, "You know I am just off to do a radio show, would you like to come along and talk about your issue and your work?" Although I was
January 21, 2017
Good morning all,while checking my site speed I got the message that I have many Java files which should be combined. The same applies for some CSS files. I have not been able to find a training on these. Does anyone have an idea of how I could go about correcting either of these to speed up my site speed?Thanks in advanceValina
January 19, 2017
Good morning all,if you are feeling stuck and like things are not moving here are a couple of questions you could ask yourself which I hope will help you get out of that state.What is the one thing you know you ought to be doing but are avoiding?How would things change today for you if you did it?Do you need someone to help you get started?How would you like them to help you?What one single step can you take right NOW to get you started?Wishing everyone a great dayVee
January 17, 2017
How do you start your day?I am assuming that most of us know the value of having a good breakfast in the morning. Whether or not we have one which is going to sustain us throughout the morning and is nourishing for the brain and body is of course a different matter.We most likely also know of the benefits of exercising in the morning and other "good habits". Knowing and doing are also two very different things, right? This will probably act more as a reminder for most of us but it might be new
January 14, 2017
Hi all,Have you ever written a newsletter and checked your spam score? Although today was not my first time writing a newsletter, it was the first time I had noticed a spam score ( had it not been there before or was I just blind? Who knows, who cares, yesterday is gone and past or not spam scores with it right!)I decided to look into it today and yet again learnt something new.If you need some information on URIBL and the differences between White-Grey and Blacklisted hyperlinks here is a link
Good morning all,a few days ago there was a very helpful post on how to add text to your site header.I thought I had added this to my favourites but obviously not because I can now not find it. Can anyone help? Do you now or remember who wrote it? I have tried the search bar yes, but it is not bringing up the relevant post.Appreciate any help Thanks much all and wishing a wonderfully awesome daymuch loveVee
January 09, 2017
I was reminded today by EdylsChangra of how useful it can be to use the incognito window in Chrome. Thanks again Edy.It can be useful in many instances. One, the one i used it for today, is to check out if a link is working correctly on your site.There are a few tutorials on this. Here is a link to one of them the best and have a great afternoonVee
January 07, 2017
While looking at my google analytics account I see some strange stuff (Like Vote for Trump, (bit old!!) or Trump won, congratulations to Trump and all Americans, Vitaly rules google...)I am not sure what to think about this or even what to do. This is showing up even though I had set a filter. Can anyone help?Thank Vee
In my constant striving to become more organised I was introduced to a really cool system which I find very helpful in keeping me organised with the different hats I wear in my life.I wanted to share this with you today - hopefully it will be of some use and help to someone.It is called trello. Follow the link to check it out. us all a fruitful and funfilled afternoonVee
January 05, 2017
I get an overload of emails everyday. Many of them contain some very useful information but I don't always get to read them all. One of the ways to deal with this is by using of the the great WA tools - the big yellow star. Never used this feature or don't know where to find it? No worries...At the top of the post under the title you will see the author's name etcBelow that is a line of symbols - the first one is a grey on that and you can opt