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February 18, 2017
Over the last years the amount of plastic used in some place has increased dramatically. In other places the use of plastic bags has been banned completely, in yet others there are measures being taken to reduce or ban their use.For some years now I always carry a small foldaway bag in my handbag for the times when I go shopping unexpectedly. This way I avoid having to buy or accept a plastic carrier bag.This is a habit you might also like to adopt. You can keep a small bag in your handbag or a
February 16, 2017
Technical Detox.It is amazing how our lives have become so controlled by technology and the various gadgets and devices we feel we need to be able to live/function better, faster, more efficiently, more successfully, happier etc etc.While this may be true to varying degrees I would like to suggest to you the habit of taking a regular "break" from your devices, maybe just one evening a week to start with.Decide which day and at what time you will start your "detox". If it is your phone you might
February 15, 2017
Today's habit is using the first ten minutes of each morning to set the tone for the day.I have found this to be a very valuable and helpful habit. One of the first things I do each morning is to take ten minutes out to think about what kind of a day I am going to have. We can really influence the sort of day we want to have if we make a conscious decision and set the intention to do so.I do this by thinking about the one main thing I would have to get done to make me feel really good at the e
February 14, 2017
Today we are looking at the habit of tithing.When I first heard of tithing some years ago it was in connection with the church. It was explained to me as a practice where people were required to give a certain percentage of their income to the church. In Germany you have to enter on your tax information which religion you belong to and the percentage is deducted from your salary!As a free spirit this seemed really odd to me as I felt something like this ought to be voluntary and not forced.Some
February 13, 2017
Starting today I would like to introduce/remind you of some habits which are intended to support you with your life and work.They are not all new but I find a reminder every now and then and a different perspective always helpful.And they are habits which have made a difference in my life so I am hoping they will make positive changes for you too if you decide to adopt them.Today we are looking at Decluttering.I am assuming that the majority of us know the value of decluttering our homes and w
January 28, 2017
While working on revamping and optimising my site and blogs last night I came across a (what I think is a ) great article on success.After having read and re-read it twice I had a sinking feeling in my stomach, and had to ask myself if I was really walking my talk!! In some cases the answer is definitely NO. This is actually a good thing because I take as a reminder of what I need to focus on this coming week.I would be happy if this serves to remind you of something you need to be doing.Have
If your week was anything like mine, you worked very hard on our site, writing blogs, staying focused...maybe even learned a new skill/talent you did not know you had. When someone stood on a pipe this morning and broke it, I soon found out that I also had plumbing skills :)We know that all work and little or no play makes Tom a dull boy and Tommana a dull girl so here is something to take your mind off work for a little while.Here are some questions you might like to answer or just use as thou
January 26, 2017
Yeah, my site health is awesome!! A small success but still a success.So happy.
January 24, 2017
Leonardo Da Vinci was a great and talented man. He was said to always carry a notebook tied to a string on his belt. He would be seen jotting down his ideas and thoughts.I have found it to be really helpful to have a notebook with me all the time to do just that - write down the ideas that come to me. Often I am writing something or doing something and an idea comes to me. Rather than interrupting what I am doing I just jot it down in my note book. That way I A) Avoid becoming distractedB
January 23, 2017
Hello there,While looking at one of Kyle's videos I read about a "build request" tab which however I have not been able to find anywhere. I know I could message Kyle but I figured he has so much to do that one of you who have been here a while might be able to help.Do you know this tab? has it been removed maybe or even renamed?Thanks muchWIshing you all a wonderful afternoon