I think I lost it!

Last Update: December 27, 2016

hi there,

I was creating my first tutorial, had it saved but just wanted to g over it again to make sure it was all ok before publishing. But I seem to have lost it and am not sure how to retrieve my work...

can anyone help? I wouldn't want to lose it after plucking up so much courage to get it done in the first place :(

thank you tutorial experts or anyone else answering.


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paulgoodwin Premium
Look in your trash and also look at the bottom of the page and see all your posts that are backed up it will be there
Jude333 Premium
Where is all this found? I thought I was saving my first post to my website, but it saved to my domain. How do I get it back?
ShaneWelcher Premium
I had this happen before and the second time it taught me to back up my material using Microsoft Word.

Then copy paste or ctrl + c then ctrl + v for the Windows users.

Hard lesson to learn but the same goes all things that we do, programming, theme mods, post, blogs, etc.


As annoying as it can be back everything you can up.
Tezsie Premium
If you made a draft, it should be there, no?
MKearns Premium
Happened to me but stumbled on the draft Wheew!
greenvee Premium
I am not so lucky, but this is just typical for mercury retrograde...never mind at least I have a better idea what to do now....nothing ventured, nothing gained eh!
PMbaluka Premium
Have you checked your drafts?
greenvee Premium
no, nothing there! Looks like I will have to start from scratch