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Last Update: May 29, 2015

Update: That's so funny. I had to come back to my own blog to transfer another domain to SiteRubix. I forgot everything I told you below. Don't worry, it's just a senior moment.


This is a step by step guide for pointing your domain name to your SiteRubix website if you registered your domain name on GoDaddy.

The process might seem scary at first if you have never done it before. Just relax and take it slow. Everything will be fine and you will not break anything.

Configuring a domain name hosted at GoDaddy and pointing the name at SiteRubix is a two step process. Step one: configure your domain name at GoDaddy. Step two: Configure your SiteRubix website.

The reason I bring this up is because the process of pointing a domain name at GoDaddy is different than the tutorials I reviewed here at WA. I have had multiple domain names at GoDaddy for years. I have had to point them at different website hosts over the years too. I just configured and to point to my SiteRubix website tonight and I was surprised to find the process is much simpler on GoDaddy's control panel but the tutorials here at WA were not updated. So I thought I would give everyone a heads up.

Ok, take a deep breath. Here we go ...

  1. Go and get yourself a glass of water or something to drink (no beer) just in case you start to shake and your mouth goes dry during this process. That happened to me the first time I ever pointed a domain name.
  2. Log in to your account manager at GoDaddy. You do remember how to do that?
    Here is the log in page: GoDaddy Log In
  3. When you get logged in then you will be presented with a list of all your products at GoDaddy. Maybe some you didn't know you had. Anyway, in that list of products is one called "Domains." To the right is a button called "manage." Click on it.
    (The button used to be called Launch)
  4. Now, click on the little box to the left of the domain name you want to work on. If you only have one domain name then that won't be hard to figure out.
  5. Important: check to see if the domain name is locked. You can't mess with pointing a domain if it's locked. It's a safety feature that GoDaddy does now days automatically when you buy your domain name.

    In the "edit" column you will see a little green check mark. Click on the check mark and a box will open up. You now have 2 choices. Click the "unlock" button and click save.
  6. Now, take a look above the row where you see your domain name. Look up at the row of little icons and find one called "nameservers." Point your mouse cursor at the nameservers icon and a drop down menu will appear. Click on "Set Nameservers."

    It takes longer to explain all this than to actually do it. Anyway, when you click on "Set Nameservers" a new box will appear. You have two choices; "standard" or "custom." You want to select the "custom" option.
  7. When you arrive at the "custom" area you will be presented with two boxes to fill in. This is where you will put the two DNS names to point your domain to SiteRubix. The two names to put in are; (in the first box) (in the second box)
  8. Please be careful; now is NOT the time to make a spelling mistake. That's why I told you not to get a beer to drink. Fill in those boxes then check those boxes 256 1/2 times to make sure you got it right. Actually, checking it once is enough.
  9. Now, take a drink of water.
  10. If you are satisfied with the DNS names then click "ok.
  11. Now click "save" and log out of GoDaddy.
  12. Done right? Nope. Nothing will happen unless you configure your SiteRubix website. Don't worry, this is the easy part.
  13. Log in to your SiteRubix dashboard. Now, I know you remember how to do that.
  14. What you are now looking for is a little icon called "move." When you find it then go ahead and click on it.
  15. In the top box put in your domain name (
  16. Now, click on the box that says "I'm ready ..."
  17. A box will pop up asking you to wait while SiteRubix goes to work making everything work as it should. Now is a good time to take another sip of water.
  18. When I did this, I got a "move complete" message in about 30 seconds. I didn't even have time to take a sip of beer (oops) water.
  19. When the move is completed then a box will pop up and some important ftp information will be listed. You may never need this but I recommend writing it down just in case.
  20. Return to GoDaddy and lock your domain name again. You don't want someone messing with your domain name. If unlocked, you may one day turn on your computer to have a look at all that wonderful work you did only to find you are now on a porn site. Don't laugh, it could really happen if your domain is unlocked.
  21. Glitch. I don't know why but I tried accessing my site editor right away but the system would not log in. I closed the SiteRubix dashboard then opened it again and everything worked fine ever since.
  22. Contrary to popular belief, my domain name was visible almost immediately after completing the above steps. In the old days, GoDaddy was slow about this process.
  23. Finally, please tell me where to send the bill. You don't think I gave you this information for free do you?
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macey321 Premium
Great Training Tip grampamike. Thanks............Frank
JeanR Premium
Thanks Mike, I was wondering why my transfer did not go. I'll have to check in again....
Geoff-n-Jane Premium
We read this blog because we
Love your sense of humour.
We actually didn't go with GoDaddy,
we went with SuperCheap ... oops ... NameCheap.
grampamike Premium
SuperCheap (oops) NameCheap is just as good of a registrar as GoDeede (oops) GoDaddy. I began with GoDaddy many years ago so I'm familiar with how they work and how to make internal changes like domain pointing.
Timard Premium
Good info Gramp, we can all use this example in the future. Thanks.
JeanL Premium
Great walk-through! Thanks for sharing that!