I'm Number One !

Last Update: January 16, 2016

I wanted to tell everyone to keep on trying and keep using the principles outlined here at WA to achieve your success. You can do it. Don't believe me? Well, I just achieved my major goal which is to be number one on Google.

GrampaMike is my user name here at WA. I decided to also make GrampaMike my commercial trade name. I knew I had the knowledge to be a top 10 rank on Google but I wanted more. I wanted to be number one with the keyword "grampamike"

I was in a competition with another established company using my keyword. So I dug in and worked very hard on my website. It took me a couple of months of work but as of 6/30/15, my website is now number one beating out an established company holding the number one spot for who knows how long.

So now when the world searches for GrampaMike, guess who they will find? Little old me!!!


Update: It's been 6 months since I wrote this article. It's December 2015 and I thought I had better update this post. For the keyword "GrampaMike," my .com site is number 1, my .info site is number 2, and my WA profile is number 3. So don't think you can't beat the big guys in the search engine wars. David is still tougher than Goliath.


Holding the number one spot means traffic. Traffic means affiliate income. Maybe someone is searching for the other guy but with the number one spot then folks will be more inclined to find and click on my affiliate links.

My point is that through hard work, persistence, and patience then you can achieve your goals here at WA. Success won't come overnight but it will come.

Hold on to your dreams like a pit bull and never let go. You will be a success.


Update: (1/16/16) I closed down my GrampaMike.com project in order to work on something new. This doesn't detract from the fact that if you apply the SEO principles in the WA tutorials then you too can achieve what I did in just a few months.

Oh how interesting. I just checked and GrampaMike.com is still number 1. My NFL site is number 2. Finally, my WA profile is number 3. Is Google trying to tell me something?

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gohealthy Premium
Congrats Grampamike! Happy for your achievements . :)
MisterWailor Premium
Good job.
Firekeeper Premium
Thanks for the heads up!
Leoni Premium
Hey great news, congratulations on your achievement. You are very inspirational. I am really happy for you....
Rablo33 Premium
Congratulations - great achievement. It is an inspiration to work hard and results will hopefully follow.
grampamike Premium
I'm no magician or website guru. I just keep it simple and provide my readers with valuable content. Google and the other search engines love that.