Yay, I'm back in action!

Last Update: April 14, 2017

After catching another super bug which knocked me for six and damaged my chest muscles and my laptop deciding to no longer function properly I am finally back in action.

Fully functioning with a clear head again and a replacement laptop. All fired up and ready to take on the world again!

I feel facing challenges has become all part of my life as a business owner and internet marketer. Even with the super bug I was still determined to work on my business I just could think to get the words and my laptop decided to frustrate me by choosing this time to say "sorry computer says no!"

Absolutely anything that suddenly crops up when you plan time to work on your site.

Every time you pick up your laptop to work on your site, life can throw in a challenge at you to test your determination and focus.

At first I used to get frustrated at this as I had the tool to unlock my life but life wasn't just blocking me from doing it.

The easy way is to say, fine I won't do it then!

The determined side of you tells you to push on and stay focused.

My best tip for everyone is focus your energy and laugh at this instead. See at as life testing you and just tell life..

'like it or not I will take control of my life and create a better life for myself. So keep throwing the challenges at me if you wish and I will keep finding my way through them and keep building my site.'

It's during our darkest moments we must focus to see the light! - Aristotle

Wealthy Affiliates for the WIN!

Thanks for reading,


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CraigW315 Premium
Glad you're doing better! Welcome back.
GrahamHod Premium
Thanks Craig, so glad to be back and able to breath properly again and concentrate lol
AGOgden Premium
Glad you're back in the saddle again!...Happy Easter and Press On!

GrahamHod Premium
Thanks Arthur, Happy Easter to you too :)
andyfuan Premium
Hi Graham, glad you are back, even my browser always been hijacked.
GrahamHod Premium
Thanks Andy, yeah frustratingly our laptops are always under attack by something.
Calmkoala Premium
Hi Graham, good to have you back, even more determined! Keep going, Sue :)
GrahamHod Premium
Thanks Sue, so glad to be up and running again. Onwards and upwards :)
Louise2812 Premium
Great words Graham :)
GrahamHod Premium
Thanks Louise :)