The next challange

Last Update: March 26, 2017

Good Morning from the UK

So the next challenge, reducing the drop rates!

For those new to WA you will eventually through focus and determination write quiet a few posts and with some great keyword research and utilising the low hanging fruit technique you will start receiving organic traffic to your site. You then need to keep an eye on the bounce rate.

Anything above 75% you need to do some work on your page/post to reduce this, the lower the better. So these are how many people have found your post and left without looking at more pages on your site.

My highest performing post brings i about 120 organic visitors a week which is great, but I was getting 100% bounce rate at first which isn't great at all.

Some things you can do to reduce this:

* Find words or phrases that refer to other content on your site and link them.

* Add information banners in between your content that link to other pages.

* Be creative and eye catching with the first image and banners to catch people eyes, using (not an affiliate link)

* Make your 1st paragraph interesting and a brief summary of what your going to cover to make them want to read more.

* Add links to similar posts at the end of the post using plugins or make banners.

Through doing things like this I have dropped my bounce rate down to 40-50% and increased the page views of more of my pages.

Hope you find this useful :)


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Thank you, Graham, for sharing this information.
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Your welcome Sue :)
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thanks for sharing!
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Excellent information and process...thank youi...
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Thanks Arthur, you are very welcome, hope it helps :)
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thanks for sharing
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Thanks for the information
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