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Last Update: May 17, 2017

Good Morning WA

Well after another busy week thought I'd have another check at my page rankings. I've tried to stay away from checking this too much to make sure I don't get distracted on moving forward.

My Top Tip: It can be very tempting to keep checking your rankings and progress everyday but as we know the training works just focus on working through your training, producing your next posts and moving forward rather than constantly checking stats and data.

Anyway as It had been a week or so since I'd checked I was really looking forward to seeing what my last 2 posts did to my overall progress.

Current Progress after 6 months:

Google Page 1 = 4 posts

Pages 2 to 3 = 17 posts

Pages 4 to 5 = 6 posts

Pages 6 to 7 = 3 Posts

Really pleased with the result so far as all post are growing in rankings all the time. They bounce about a little but most moving upwards.


My posts are generating 60% organic searches of my overall searches each day.

Creating an average of 1200 pages views every week.

I've even had some of my original posts that have never ranked suddenly jump up to page 3, was buzzing when I saw these as they have never been in the top 200.

One Thing That is Great To See:

One thing I love to see is that as you carry on building out quality pages it starts to bump up your older not so great posts. As Kyle talks about in your training, as your site builds out so will you site authority which then increases your page ranks.

Its been a real buzz watch all my posts steadily jump up in rankings as I create more pages. Also with the fact I have been using Kyle's low hanging fruit technique and Jays 10 steps to page ranking, my posts have been ranking within 8 to 12 hours in Google and jumping straight to pages 2 or 3. My best result off the bat so far was rank 14.

Time to get stuck into my next post, I hope you found it useful.

Thanks for reading and have a great day everyone. :)


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kasage00 Premium
good to hear!
GrahamHod Premium
Yeah great to see the results of the training. :)
andyfuan Premium
Very good news and congratulation!
GrahamHod Premium
Thanks Andy :)
WilliamBH Premium
Great results .. Congratulations. Cheers, William.
GrahamHod Premium
Thanks William, look forward to one day getting the results you get :) One step closer hehe
minitrio Premium
Very well done Graham, keep it up :)
GrahamHod Premium
Thanks Marek :)
atomi Premium
I love posts like these, congatulations!!
GrahamHod Premium
Thanks Aleksandar :)