Building my Twitter Following week 2

Last Update: Apr 15, 2017


Good Morning WA :)

This is a follow on to Twitter progress

A few weeks ago I realised I really needed to work on my twitter followers to increase my social media advertising.

I had 231 followers and wasn't getting any posts retweeted or liked. So I came across some software called Staged on a twitter post. It's seemed really good so thought I'd give it a try.

Through staged I have filtered out 21 top tweeters in my niche and now I follow there followers. This is part of there free package. The aim is to get some quality leads to follow you from these top tweeters.

You can also automated 10 posts at a time to be posted each day from 1 to 10 per day. You basically make up the post and set when you want them to be sent. I then post the odd 1 or 2 per day myself if I have the time.

I also tried out their 14 day free trial of their SMARTFollow which is $7 a month. With SMARTFollow you add your top tweeters accounts to a list and everyday there system goes through their followers and only follows the quality accounts through their algorithms. They also unfollow any accounts that haven't followed back in a while and also any accounts that are bots to make sure you only get good accounts.

So before I started using this I used to make sure I followed 10 people per day in the hope to get followers. It took me 2 months to go from 14 followers to 231, with next to no likes or any posts retweeted.

So this is day 16 since I started used

I now have 672 followers and I am getting Likes and posts retweeted each day now.

You can tell the leads are much better quality as I am getting replies and great content back from them. My affiliate link pages views have also seen an increase as I used to rely on weekly posts on Facebook groups to boost my page views but I wasn't getting any quality from them.

So I am really pleased with the progress so far I just need to work more on converting while my followers keep growing.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found it as useful as I have.



Recent Comments


Congratulations on seeing a need and acting on it.

I wish you much success!

Leon B.

Thanks Leon, it certainly has made it easier :)

Indeed, you have done very well thus far...Press On!

Thanks Arthur, onwards and upwards

exponential !

Good job !

Attla !

Thanks Attila :)

My social media activity has been almost non-existent. Even though I'm on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook, I just haven't done anything with any of them. Time to step up my game. I'll definitely take a look into this, Graham. Thank you.

Your welcome Veronica this was my problem before but staged had really unlocked it for me. Well worth signing up to.

Thanks, nice stats - looking forward to hearing how it goes for you.

Hi Moz thanks, I'll will keep updating the progress as I am really looking forward to seeing were it takes my site.

Very nice. Thanks! I like automating services. I'll definitely go for a trial. I don't know if this is better or just different, this is what I have used in the past: It does have trial period too I think.

Hi Magus yeah the automated side really caught my eye and had now freed up more time for me to spend on my site kowing that I am reaching out to new people daily.
I did a review of staged on my site I'll have a look at doing one for narrow too.
Thanks again and have a great easter! :)

Thanks for sharing. Great information. Thanks for posting Graham. Happy Easter! Donna

Hi Donna your very welcome, I'm glad you liked it. Happy Easter to you too :)

Thanks Graham, really good info .. Cheers, William.

Thanks William :)

Great info Graham, many thanks for sharing :)

Thanks Chrissie, your very welcome :)

Also there are no affiliate links in this post. Even though it's worth mentioning that they do an affiliate program.

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