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Last Update: July 11, 2017

Hi Everyone in my wonderful wealthy affiliate family

Sorry I have been out of action for the last 6 weeks. I have some real catching up to do.

Few too many life impacts and my wife hasn't been well, my son smashed my laptop screen yet again :(

But I didn't let that get me down I carried on my research and have some serious typing to do to get caught up.

I also took a few weeks out to set up an MLM business that I stumbled across during my research. We all know that the secret to the success of any MLM business is having amazing products and constant training and support. This has all 3 so I went from researching to signing up.

Great to say that the business is off to a flying start and the team are on fire, definitely a right time right place moment.

Now I have begun to diversify my business which is the secret to success. I get the pleasure of hopefully quitting my job even sooner with my website now in full swing and been live for about 6 months now and getting regular organic comments. My visitors are on the up along with my page views. That's the beauty of having an online business it never closes. I will give it another 6 months and I will begin work on my next website.

Thanks for reading my quick catch up so far

Look forward to catching up with you all :) :)


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Calmkoala Premium
Hi Graham, am so pleased to hear of your success. Phew... well done on managing to get all that pulled together to achieve this result! I hope life throws a bit less of the challenges at you from here on, good luck, Sue :)
GrahamHod Premium
Thanks Sue, it has been a really stressful time. Now to get things back in order again lol