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I was trying hard to find where I could start, an idea came to mind about my existing documentary film that I'm promoting to raise awareness about Freedom. My documentary film covered the past wars, World War I, II and up to the present. Presentations were held at the following venues, at a Community Center in Barrie Ontariio, Canada in 2017 I received a citation from Hon John Brassard, Member of the Parliament, House of Commons (law making body of Canada.) to recognize my work. The second presentation was held at a local secondary school in November, 2018 to celebrate Remembrance Day. The title of my documentary film is Freedom to a World War II Filipino Veteran about my father, a veteran of World War II who was accorded Full Military Honors at his burial in the Philippines'
The famous poem of Sir John McCrae , In Flanders Fields was included to honor the veterans and remember their sacrifices to gain back our Freedom in World War I.
Until today our soldiers enlist themselves to continue in protecting us safeguarding our Freedom. In the person of my father's great grandson ,he became a member of the Canadian Armed Forces. He was also one of Queen Elizabeth's Guard at Buckingham Palace, London, England of Summer 2017.
Literally my documentary film covered the two past wars up to the present. It can be viewed on YouTube by typing the title Freedom To A World War II FIlipino Veteran then click the search button.
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