A Few Quick Questions About Drop Shipping
Last Update: June 19, 2017

So, I've got a biz partner that wants nothing to do with computers or internet. He just wants to handle marketing and accounting, and let me synthesize those onto this platform. So, here's a few quick questions we have about drop shipping.

1.) Trying to be objective, what's the better choice of doing turnkey drop shipping between WA vs. Shopify?

2.) What kinds of marketing and accounting tools to do not just internet stats, but raw data about moving physical inventory?

3.) Is there a way to set up a "dummy" demo site for supplier clients to view.

4.) How much interest will credit cards be charged on transactions?

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RikaSF Premium
I hope you got your answers in the meantime. The only question I can answer is that you can set up a dummy website at WA:))