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Last Update: February 13, 2018

YAZ! Honey, I'm doing the damn thang! Maybe not at a fast pace but I met my goal.

I am a student, a student of knowledge and of life. I am always learning and seeking an opportunity to enrich my future and my love ones. When I found WA (researching something else I found a WA recommendation blog) I knew I found something special. It was an answer to my prayer and it offer me the chance to embark on one of my personal major goals.

Now that I am about to complete Lesson 10 I know that the "real" work is about to begin. It took me nearly a month to get to this place since I am one to pace any training or new subject meticulously. I do not like having to interrupt my learning by having to ask questions nor having to wait for replies because it takes away from the time to getting things done or progress. I know this must sound like a contradiction! Having obstacles to learning is like having gaining the best teacher, Experience. But, hey, that's just me and I am sure there are many others who feel this way but, we know it is a part of life.

Going forward, after this post I will have only three boxes left to check off then, I can concentrate more on my writings and continue to implement my plan which has a one month, three month, and six month time stamp. I am sure you may be wondering what's involve in my months three and six since month one is just about to be reached (which is Mar. 1st)? The answer is money. And I will confess, I am running on blind faith or fate (whichever suits you) regarding all of my goals because I am just starting. Yet, I pray that the money does come because it will begin to solidify my authority to the craft. A major goal for everybody at WA, right? To be an authority in their perspective niche. I guess I am excited about the goal because my niche is a bit rare and fresh and probably more difficult to implement and a little more difficult to influence power players than many other brands and authorities out here in other fields.

However, I do not know if I want to chase rankings and ambassadorship. It is too many WA members to try to reach for a spot in the top 100 and the top 12 respectively especially so early in the game. I will just allow that to happen organically since I still have so much to learn and to relearn as I progress toward developing my other websites. For me there is really no rush to reach goals but I do use a personal timeline to progress toward my goals and my goals fill in the gaps of creating the life that I desire and I hope my investment in WA helps me to afford my first major goal that is timestamped for August.

I want to take this moment to thank everyone who reached out to me when I was in trouble and could not figure out for the life of me what to do! I must confess though, there were times that I had figured out my issue after the fact and I did not admit it when I responded back to some of my comrades because they had spent their time on me and I did not want my ego to get in the way. Instead, I decided to thank them anyway by accepting the information and I am glad I did because I learned something peculiar about myself. The problem I was confronting was confidence. Confidence enough to try or to make a mistake. Confidence to click that button just to see what will happened because I was afraid that something may go wrong (like erasing an important link or something). However, the beauty of this experience is that I learned something else about myself. I learned that I do not like to fast- forward when I am learning something new; that I lack confidence to take chances without instruction. I learned that I am willing to be the last to finish to ensure that I know what the hell I am doing. It may not happen superbly the first time but, that's okay. Once I am in the know there is no stopping Gera. Yet, there is something so profound about being in the know- knowing what you are talking about; knowing what to do. It is so powerful and so progressive.

At this point I want to wrap it up. I got a full-time, seven day a week work contract that requires me to be on call everyday so when I have leisure time I always try to spend some kind of time progressing my WA business. There were times when I had no physical strength to do anything but I would at least think on my business and write some notes or just rehearse a lesson. There is always something to progress towards when it comes to your business. I take every measure I can to progress on a daily. Yes, I believe in a respite. Yes, I believe in time off. I am getting some this weekend because I refuse to kill myself trying to gain fame or to gain riches working constantly. But, what I have devoted myself to that I wholeheartedly believe in is consistency. Consistency, for me, is the key to progress and success. And I wish every member of the WA team and all my Google+ followers and all my comrades these very essentials in your business; progress and success!




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AKlovely Premium
I just checked out your page- keep it up girl!! It is a journey- and you are off to an incredible start... actually I would not even call it start. It will happen. I love the care and effort that you have put on your page. It totally shows. The simple elegance and your content...really good. Honestly, the only suggestion that I can give is just to up your image game with high quality non-stock to take it next level. (I need to do the same myself which I am working on) Just keep it up you are doing awesome. Know that you are always moving forward and evolving. YOU ARE AWESOME!! XO
GotGoods Premium
Hey, Ms. Lovely...

Thanks for the suggestion "high quality non-stock" images. I will keep this in mind.

I am sure we will be encouraging friends to each other now that I am following you and I tend to follow mostly those whom I think are the best in their craft.

I hope you have a wonderful, prosperous day~
JerryMcCoy Premium
keep moving forward
GotGoods Premium
Thanks a lot for the encouragement. I will.
Joy3 Premium
You learn a lot when you work on the elements that improve your ranking. However, if you pay attention to building your business and making money, you will become a satisfied member....................whatever your rank !
GotGoods Premium
Thank you for the words of encouragement and for the like. Have a wonderFULL & progressive rest of the week.