The Pro's and Con's of Wealthy Affilate

Last Update: January 09, 2016

The online business world before Wealthy Affiliate must have seemed a million miles away for those who wanted to pursue such a dream

I'm not talking about the Kyle's or Carson's or Jay's of this world, who were probably born with a computer in their hands, I'm talking about the you's and me's of this world, the ordinary Joe Bloggs.

So off we would go in search of "I want to make a website" and hoping google would come up with some sugestions, and, of course bombarded with several sites offering just what we are looking for.

With credit card in hand eager to sign up to a program that was going to fulfil exactly what we were looking for, we push the subscribe now button, and hey presto our credit card has been hit with $57.

But hey what the heck this program is going to set me on the road to what we really want to do.

And it did, well we have a website and its looking good, but what now, we need to know what to do next.

Well to get the real nitty gritty of progression we have to upgrade to the Pro version, at a cost of $97.

Oh dear what to do now?

After a couple or three more attempts to find a program that will actually do what it says on the tin, and help you step into the online business world we stumble across a program that promises to do exactly that, and free of charge for a whole week, yeah right, what's the catch?

After going through a few failures or rather programs wanting you to upgrade to the next level, one becomes rather sceptical.

Obviously, we want to know what we get for free:

We get 2 free websites, wow that's a good start.

Plus we get full hosting, impressive.

They have even got their own Domain Registry, awesome.

Then we get full instruction through text and video training on how to build those websites, Nice one

There's a Q+A section in live chat, plus you get to meet thousands upon thousands of members that are only too willing to help out beginners with any questions that we may have, Very helpful.

This is amazing, there is so much in this program, I could go on and write War and Peace.

But with all programs there is a downside.

"Information overload" What this program doesn't teach you, you don't need to know.

Suddenly like a sunrise over the horizon, and a breath of fresh air, a program that actually gives it all under one roof, a one-stop shop for creating an Online Business, where us mere mortals have the chance to succeed like high flying entrepreneurs.

Ahh here we go here comes the upsell.

Once the free look around is over it's going to cost $19 for another month of premium membership as an extended "see if you like it" offer.

Well that's not bad, $0.60 a day gives us more time to examine every other aspect of the program.

But then its going to cost us $47 a month for full premium access.

$47 a month, $1.50 a day, geez I pay more than that for a cup of coffee, A cup of coffee lasts 10-15 minutes max, for $1.50 I am going to get all the help and support 24/7 to do exactly what I have yearned to do

Ok fair enough, I can go along with that, because if after 5 weeks we are still not sure whether this online business is for us, then probably it isnt, and its cost just $19 to find out.

Yes I am so pleased I came across Wealthy Affiliate, a truly transparent program that gives exactly what it says with no hidden agenda's.

One day all programs will be made this way without SCAMS.

Thank you Kyle +Carson.

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amethystmoon Premium
I agree with you and have gone through the upsell guys that do not help you. Hey I recently retired Jan 1, 2016. all the best to you
Sui_generis Premium
I think there are 2 chances of no scams -- slim and none. There will ALWAYS people cheating others to get rich quick. Sad but true I think.
Maxiam59 Premium
I really hope so the world would be a much better place all the best
mdj Premium
I really liked the way how you reasoned this out. Best wishes to you!
KatieMac Premium
Great way to break it down and we are not bombarded with upsells we get to work on our business and learn great stuff
Lazyblogger Premium
And most of all, No Upsell. Great post, Gordon. Thanks!

VeraK Premium
What a great read, no doubt, WA is unbeaten!