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Last Update: January 10, 2018

Google is now using AI (Artificial Intelligence) as one of it's main ranking algorithms.
In fact they say it is the 3rd most important algorithm for ranking purposes.

Previously google engineers would test changes to the ranking system and if they found that they improved search results would implement the change.

Now RankBrain plays around with the algorithm on its own.

Looking at a keyword, RankBrain will increase or decrease the importance of backlinks, the contents freshness, and length, and also the domain authority etc.

RankBrain then sees how surfers interact with the new search results.

If users like the new algorithm better, it stays. If not, RankBrain rolls back the old algorithm.

The proof of the pudding was Google engineers and BrainRank were asked to choose the best page for a given search, BrainRank came out on top by around 10%.

This new Algorithm is a must learn to get better rankings.

See what Brian Dean says about it here:

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verazhelvis Premium
Thanks for the post, Gordon. Interesting information. Both interesting and scary.Do hope the time will not come when Artificial Intelligence will start rule over the Human Intelligence.:)
Gordon-D Premium
Looks like its getting that way Vera
verazhelvis Premium
Oh, no.:)
MKearns Premium
There's been a general rule advisory out today about leaving website links. You can use "Google Rank brain as a directional keyword" to cite your content without going to an eternal site!
Roybretton Premium Plus
Thank you for your blog post-Gordon, interesting information. Sometimes I think we can look too much into what Google is doing when really if we just wrote quality content we will be found! I could be wrong though!

All the best to you Gordon, Roy.