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My name is Gordon and I am new to IM except for selling a few items on eBay and CL. With the help of WA and some generous assistiance from members of this forum I plan on doing whatever it takes to be successful with IM. I look forward to this journey. Gordo48
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Labman Premium
Welcome to WA
webkab Premium
Hello and welcome to WA. There's tons of information here at WA so don't let it overwhelm you. Stay focused, take the training and especially look for the special training they have here. You can also go to potpiegirls blog and magistudios blog. There you will find additional training in the way of videos that I found exceptionally good and helped me move on. Best wishes and MUCH SUCCESS
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
Pounders Premium
Welcome to Wa! Glad you joined us here. This is a great community to get the help and support in learning IM. Start in your action plan. Stay focused b/c it can get overwhelming sometimes. But, let us know if you need any help.
Gordo48 Premium
Hi everybody! I am a WA newbie andI just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Gordon and I am just a little overwhelmed with this incredible website and what seems like an infinite amount of information. I am hoping that as I get further into the lessons one by one the pieces of the puzzle will begin to fall in place but I hope that when I run up again a wall I can benefit from some generous fellow members who will share their experience and insite. Thanks to this forum I am sure I wont feel alone. Gordo48