Questions by Gordi 13

ebay affiliate links
Does anyone here know how to add ebay links to a website. I signed up…
5 years ago 15 Replies
Why can't I update changes on my site?
Whenever I try to make changes to my blogs, they won't update in WP, and…
6 years ago 8 Replies
As I don't see the problem I am having with adsense I am posting a question…
6 years ago 10 Replies
Why are my side bar banners not working?
I found out that my side bar banners are not showing up as pictures, and…
6 years ago 19 Replies
Any thoughts on shopify affiliate program?
Is anyone here familiar with Shopify affiliate program, or used it? Feedback…
6 years ago 11 Replies
Why unknown posts on my website?
I've had problems with my Dropbox not backing up my website. When I loged…
6 years ago 21 Replies
Why blogs posted by a member do not show up at all ?
Last two days I've been getting alerts that a certain member has posted…
6 years ago 12 Replies
WA in spam
For last two days, plus today, I have had no emails from WA which I found…
7 years ago 36 Replies
dropbox error
CAn anyone here help me get my dropbox backups to work. My website hasn't…
7 years ago 21 Replies
Just an observation
Not asking a question. Just a quick comment. Getting a lot of spam comments.Every…
7 years ago 29 Replies
Web submission advice
Only seen one video about how to submit my website to Google. Haven't…
7 years ago 28 Replies
bloggin advice
Throughout this course I've been reading about creating blogs, but there…
7 years ago 6 Replies
Ok, my last post went to page 1 in Google. Someone added a coment with…
7 years ago 8 Replies