Time management. how can I manage it?

Time management. how can I manage it?

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Everything Wordpress

Hi my family! I'm a highly intelligent man, except in a few areas. Tech issues are a blank area. What is resolved in minutes for normally technical ppl. can take me days to res

I also run into problems, i review what i have done to see where the problem is, it sometimes jumps out at me, but also sometimes it doesn’t and when that happens I go away do something different and then go back to it. By doing this I come back with a different perspective and this sometimes does help. You can get stuck in a rut and not get out of it without having a break.

True Rosita.

Take it one step at the time
Trace the problem to its most essential steps
Try not to run
Take time to escape

I have struggled with things for a while to Goran. It’s not easy but you can do this.

Today I decided no interruptions and I enjoyed a full day of focus. I loved WA today, more than yesterday.

I went out for birthday celebrations in the evening, I was relaxed for that, I think because I enjoyed my website today.

Yesterday I had to chop some trees down and I was bitten by a spider, my hand and arm have been numb today, it was difficult to type but easing. A little distracting.

Look out for Spider-Man 20, it could be me!!!

I plan a dedicated focus day tomorrow. I had a couple of strange issues with what email address to use for gravatar, something isn’t right but I think I know the problem.

We have all got this. I think understand as much as you can before moving on. Doubt in the back of your mind is stressful!

I have 10 tasks of the 18 still left to do. A weekend of WA ahead!


Thanks Wayne. Hope you take care of that spider bite. It wasn't a Black widow I hope.

Nearly all ok on the spider, just tingling in the hand today! I was more worried about snakes, wasn’t expecting the spider.

Have a great weekend Goran!


Good to hear Wayne. I had a friend in Nicaragua bitten by a non-venomous spider. She got an infection from it that kept moving from one location in her body to the next. One year later she died from it. I'd see à Dr if I were you.

Thanks Goran

I may get it checked but, I have got use of my hand again, so I’m thinking may be ok? I feel ok. No symptoms.



I agree with David you do need to build a firm foundation by reaching out to either Site Support or the community or assistance. We are a family here for supporting each other and that is what we should do.
I know from experience that the super affiliate program can be stressing so reach out and don't try to bear it alone. We are here for each other. Remember that. I think I'm preaching to myself also. lol. Good luck.

Tried and true


Thank you Elaine.

I'm not sure what you should do, but you'll be a lot less frustrated if you figure out how to do things before you move forward. I know you have the pressure of the Super Affiliate training - perhaps just keep a list of issues as suggested so you can stay in the training, but sooner or later you'll need to learn how to do each item, and it will only compound until those tasks are mastered.

This is something I struggle with also. What I have learned is to keep paper and pen beside me and if it is a problem that I need to fix before I move on I do stick with it for what can even be a couple of days to make sure I fix it. But if it is a smaller problem I keep the list beside of things I need to work on. And in the process of working through other things I sometimes find the answer. Yes asking the community for help is great but I have also found that the search bar atop is a great tool along with the classrooms. This is how I handle things maybe it will help you some

I do pretty much the same. Problem is when I get Stuck it usually takes so long to find the solution that I save it for later.

I know that all to well just keep asking for help I know I will help you if I can

It's normal to get stuck with some technical stuff at some point....

You remind me when I just started out and saw a WordPress dashboard for the first time not knowing what to do with and having no where and no one to really turn to to help me with it...

Totally time consuming and frustrating

If there is anything I can help with I would be glad to do it.

Thanks for the encouragement.

You're welcome

Hey Goran

I totally resonate with what you are saying. For me is a little bit of both as well TM and not being so much of tech person and things take longer me to comprehend and get done on a timely fashion.

So due to the business of building my website which is out of my comfort zone, I decided to get help with the things I don't understand and focus on the thing do understand and know I can get done from WA training and my own knowledge. It may take me a little longer but that alright I will get there.

Let me tell you, it took me an entire day on Wednesday going back and forth with site support with an issue I was having and they stayed will me until it was done. You can reach out to them if you need to as well.

No expert became an expert in one day it take them years.

So keep on pushing and reach out to the community for any help with any issues you are face with.


Thanks for the encouragement Debbie. I feel better knowing I'm not the only one having issues. Hope yours will be few and far between tho lol.

I am willing to alleviate you stress within reason.

PM with issues as they come up and if I'm available, I will endeavour to assist you.

Thank you very much Edu. I put a message on your profile page.

We cannot manage time, Goran. We can only manage ourselves.

Having said that, I would adopt the principle of conquering one issue at a time. That way you are building a firm foundation on which to stand; thereby making moving forward much easier and more coherent.

Others may differ!

You can do it!

Terrific insight and a great reminder as I start my day. Thank you. I agree I do best when I focus on one thing at a time.

Thank you David! I agree with you. I'll go with your advice and build my foundation firm.

Stress tells me differently but the sensible part of my mind agrees.

You are welcome, Gary!
All the best!


Thanks David. I read Yvette's post and boy does she encourage!

Yes, she does!!!

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After how long were you first approved by a merchant?

After how long were you first approved by a merchant?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

How far into your membership were you before you were approved as an affiliate for a merchant? 2 months 5 months?

So when you were approved did you already have a good amount of traffic to your website. Is that a requirement?

As others mentioned, it depends on the merchant (requirements, including high-traffic sites)

It depends on your niche. I'm on with Amazon Affiliates but if I don't make three sales in 180 days I lost my spot. Just check online for companies looking for affiliates and hope you get approved. My days with WA are numbered because I couldn't afford the $49.00 a month.

So sorry to learn that!

All Wealthy Affiliates shows you is how to build your website that's it. They don't help you market your website, that you have to do on your own. You spend $49.00 a month learning how to build your website the rest is up to you. Just because you have your website on all the search engines either you have to buy your own inventory or join an affiliate program. I submitted my website for approval with three companies and was not approved. The only website that accepted me was Amazon but if you don't make three sales required by Amazon you lose your affiliate link and then you are back to square one.

OK well its probably a good idea to diversify and not rely on Amazon alone.

The only problem with that is if you don't get approved by any other affiliate program Amazon may be the only one you can depend on. I just contacted Amazon and was informed that my link to my website and Amazon is working fine. I just don't have the presence online. In all reality, if Amazon is the only affiliate program you can find its better then nothing. I don't know what niche you are in so I can't comment too much. My niche is Online Grocery Shopping and I am in the process of developing a website for RC Aircraft.

I think Goran meant, how long had you been a member here at WA when you got accepted as an affiliate? Correct me if I'm wrong Goran?

Every merchant is different when it comes to approving Affiliates. Some take few weeks while others might take couple of months or more.

Each merchant is different depending on goals and product mix!

If you're talking about how long have you been in WA only a few weeks.

Tried and true


I think Goran meant, how long had you been a member here at WA when you got accepted as an affiliate? Correct me if I'm wrong Goran?

You understood me correctly 007.lol

It depends on each one. I had 2 approve me in mins others I am still waiting to here from.

Hi, I was approved on day 2 : )

Depends on the company and their policy. Amazon was just a few days. Their were two other companies I was accepted immediately.

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Is it permitted to use positive comments, with a link?

Is it permitted to use positive comments, with a link?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Hi warm family WA! Are we allowed to use authentic, positive comments, concerning WA, by members here? Also providing a link and using this to promote WA?

Any kind of self-promotion on WA is not allowed. And when you are referring to the comment section on a website, it's not done to leave a promotion link in the comment itself.
You are allowed to mention WA in your comment, so the Website owner can attach her/his own link to it.

My comment section is shielded, and any comment with a link attached goes right into the spambox

Hej Göran!

We should always ask the people who have made the comment if he/she allows us to use their comment.

Mostly everyone is happy if you like their comment and want to use it. But better always ask them by writing a PM first.

Ha en fin dag!

Tack Pernilla. Ha det gott.

If I understand you correctly, yes it is quite alright to use positive comments to the product you know and believe in hence WA... Here is where to fetch your links to promote WA...


I guess I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. Do you mean positive response from your blog post?

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Would a feedback group be useful?

Would a feedback group be useful?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Hi guys. I've been here on Wealthy Affiliate à little over a month now and am learning copious amounts every day in this very helpful community.

There's just one

Hi Goran.

Most of use the SiteFeedback feature for this need. Have you tried it? Also, there are support groups already being formed by other members. Check out DaveSW's posts about these groups. He includes instructions on how to sign up.


Hope this helps.

Kim Wolfe

Thing is I'd like feedback Before posting an article. That way I can Avoid making an ass of myself.

It seems that you already have content on your site. You can request SiteFeedback on your website or a specific post. Either way, you have enough to get some feedback. The best way to learn is by doing, which you've already done. You can apply your learnings as you go.

You are likely going to get more responses by helping others along the way. That's what SiteFeedback does well.

Good luck!

OK thanks Kim.

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How do I crop an image on my smartphone?

How do I crop an image on my smartphone?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Trying to write my first blog I uploaded an image. I'm then required to Crop it but the confounded square will Not cooperate. Any advice will be most Welcome.

Here we are Goran. Step by step! http://www.oversixty.com.au/lifestyle/technology/2015/04/crop-photos-on-smartphone/

Thanks for the effort Mike. I know how to crop a photo I just shot but the problem arises when I upload it, in this case to a post I'm writing. Then you need to stretch that cropping square to the desired size but it just won't stay. If I manage to stretch it lengthwise and then try to adjust the height it quickly shrinks back to original size. It's so Frrrustrating!

Hi, Goran!

Try cropping it before you upload it to your site. You can crop in Canva for free.


The photo I uploaded I had cropped already Gary. Maybe I needed to crop it some more? Thanks for helping out Gary. As always much obliged!

Note that I'm working in my Xperia smartphone

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