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At the moment Im feeling overwhelmed. Never have I been this broke. Never this challenged. All I can do right now is stay afloat. To be truly grateful I need to dig deep, right down to the basics. Yes I can see; yes I can hear; yes I can speak. Yes I am truly grateful for that. There are thousands of these little things to be grateful for and I am. Actually they're not little, but basic. Without them I could not live. So I should be much more grateful. I'm very grateful for the love that surro
Hi my family. Recently I've been engaging more with social media. Until yesterday I had seen scant results and was beginning to feel discouraged. Then I wrote this article "Will Trotting a Smooth-gaited Horse Kill The Easy Gait?" I know this sounds like gibberish to the unhorsey segment of the world, but it's a hot topic among people who are into Gaited Horses. I posted a link on a couple gaited horse groups on fb and boom there was an avalanche of comments. Everyone seemed to have an opinion.
February 27, 2018
Yes I'm delayed, in month one of the Super Affiliate Challenge. Have I failed? Certainly not. I haven't even considered quitting. What I've done is prove to myself that, even faced with aggressive challenges I don't give up. I apply the Ram's tacticInstead I apply the Ram's tactic. What's that? you wonder. A ram will back up a number of step and then lower its head and charge at full speed. The result is often devastating for anyone or anything standing in his way. If the first charge doesn'
No no nothing like that. I'm a happilyl married man already, but if you got the "congrats" ready to go, by all means send them to me. This too merits some Yays.The First Lady of gaited horses I recently visited a blog "Naturally Gaited. Com", owned by Jennifer Klitzke. She is like the current First Lady of the gaited horse** world. Her blog has a huge following. A controversial First LadyHowever Jennifer's also controversial, because of her training methods, which include trotting the horse. T
Looking myself in the mirror today I recoiled in horror. What I saw, reflected in the glass, was the face of an addict! You know that feverish, desperate look and eyes looking to the horizon, in search of the next fix. You've probably seen some of us down at the park, nervously approaching one after the other: "You have a fix for me? Please I'm desperate here! " I had made a firm decision to have a white day today, but seeing that look of desperation in the mirror I knew I was done for. G
February 04, 2018
3 weeks ago I set up a feeder site on fb, to send people on to my website, I had also sent out a message, on several gaited horse sites that I was looking for former members of Gaits of Gold, owned by Brenda Imus, who was a good friend and a true Icon in the Gaited world. There were some ten thousand members on the site. Sadly she died a few years back and her site was discontinued because she was simply irreplaceable as admin. Brenda had been the soul of the site. I knew
My life has previously been a struggle, during long periods. Bouts of depression have sapped my days, of the joy that could have filled them. There are two very distinct personalities in me, jousting to get the upper hand. One is kind and caring. Capable of undying love. I hope this is is the real me. The other me is a dark soul. Always negative and resentful, hateful even, but only of me! My kind personality sees only the good and lovable traits in others and can be rather gullible. The dar
January 20, 2018
I'm so happy my feet are tapping. Just received this message below that my first full length post on my site Greater Gaiter has been indexed. Feel free to check it out. Any comments pros or cons would be Deeply Appreciated! Awesome news Goran!Your content published through SiteContent at Wealthy Affiliate has been found in Google! This means that Google has your page within their index to display within the search results. This is amazing!Here is what was found in Google on January 20, 2018:R
January 14, 2018
I've been unable to post images because of the requirement to first Crop the confounded pics. My smartphone just couldn't handle it or I couldn't. Today I finally jumped that stumbling block. I discovered that if I post the text first and then edit in word press I'm able to add an image Without cropping! Woo-hoo! Here's the sucker. A 4000 year old Chinese Warrior on his Singlefooting Gaiter jumped the fence.