Some of My Favorite WA Emails

Last Update: October 08, 2018

If you are new to Wealthy Affiliate you probably noticed a number of emails being sent to your inbox on a regular basis for various reasons.

If you've setup your profile, you may receive a notification that someone has "Liked" your profile or even better, left a comment.

Maybe you wrote a blog or two and people have left comments or have further questions. Wealthy Affiliate will send you an email.

It may all seem overwhelming at first but it does motivate you to know that people are reading your content here at WA and are interested in what you have to say.

If you find the number of emails to be a little too much to handle you can always manage your notifications by clicking on your profile image (top left), click on Account Settings, then scrolling down to the bottom to "Edit" your Notifications.

The longer you stay at Wealthy Affiliate you will see a progressive change to the types of emails you receive.

As mentioned above, at first you may get emails about likes, comments, and questions. Once you have your website(s) up, indexed with increased traffic you will start getting another type of motivation emails that involve you getting $$$.

I still remember my first email with the title "Invitation Accepted!" for my first referral to Wealthy Affiliate.


Then next awesome feeling is when a new member decides to go Premium and you get the following email "Congratulations! A New WA Commission!"

This is where actual $ starts to accumulate.

Now if you've done a good job at informing your referrals of what to expect and they are not disappointed then they will likely stay as a long time member for months to years to come.

Then you can expect emails saying "Congratulations! A Recurring WA Commission!"

After all that hard work you can then expect those monthly payout emails...$$$!

Every time I get one of t he emails above it keeps me motivated to keep on working at improving my online business.

It is important to note that I only do this part-time, and have been really busy with my full-time job and family life the last few really haven't been putting much work into my online presence yet the emails and commissions keep coming in.

I am not able to quit my good paying nursing career yet, but my plan was always to take this time before retirement to learn everything there is to know about running an online business and slowly build it up to the point where it will only take a few hours every day to maintain a good passive income to supplement our (me and my wife's) pensions.

For now, I am please to say that all my expenses are covered and I enjoy having extra bucks to play with every month from WA and other affiliate programs.

If you are not getting these emails yet, the trick is to keep learning, keep motivated, and don't quit! That commission email may just be there tomorrow.

All the best


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AlexEvans Premium
They are the emails that we all like WA is such a dynamic and vibrant platform, thank you for the reminder, Paul, much appreciated.
keishalina9 Premium
⭐️ Right on, Paul! ... happy 3rd WAnniversary, too! ... 🎵 ...see that you've been here for just over three years -- Congratulations!

All the best & thanks kindly for sharing -- it's most appreciated, cheerio... 😊
PMbaluka Premium
These are the emails that keep me going too. Thank you for sharing
ArtOZan Premium
Thanks for your blog. It is always motivating knowing that being determined to succeed is the biggest factor in getting there. I am always motivated by other people succeeding. Thanks. And just can do better.