Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or What?

Last Update: February 13, 2019

With so many scams on the internet, it's no surprise that you may wonder if this is just another online scam or legit!

Here is my biased short answer to your question, "Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or legit?":

It's Legit!

Wealthy Affiliate is the most trusted and respected affiliate marketing platform in the world. Trusted by over 1.4 Million members from around the world where more than 50,000 independent authority bloggers consider Wealthy Affiliate THE internet platform for online business management, training, and support.

Here is my biased short answer to your question, "Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or legit?":

It Is Absolutely 100% Legit!

Now listen, I know my biased answer may sound worthless to you right now.

You probably heard about Wealthy Affiliate somewhere or you recently signed up with a FREE Wealthy Affiliate membership and wanted to read a review by someone that tried it, hated it, and has loads of dirt about this platform.

On the other hand, should you really be listening to others that tried and failed?

Maybe they didn't fail because it's a scam but likely failed because they didn't follow the instructions, became impatient, and decided to quit before giving it a fair chance.

Or, maybe they may only be writing dirt about Wealthy Affiliate so they can try to refer you to their platform, that may actually be an online scam!

I certainly can't say that the information I will present to you in this post is unbiased, as I have been a Wealthy Affiliate member since October 2015.

What I can tell you is that I will only give you the real facts.

Facts from a person that knew absolutely nothing about online business or affiliate marketing to now having an online business that earns an income and is well on his way to growing a thriving online business.

You may be interested in seeing how Wealthy Affiliate turned this ordinary guy with no idea how affiliate marketing works into one now knows how to create an online income, for real!

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

That is a loaded question as the online platform covers so many, if not all areas required to run an online business.
First, lets describe what is needed to create your own online business, where do you start, and how do you earn money online.

What is required for an online business?

1- Website

    It's recommended that you have a website when creating an online business. Sure you can do it on other "social" platforms like Facebook, Pinterest or instagram. You can create business pages and create content right in there but what happens if any of those social sites decide that they are no longer going to support that platform?

    Google+ is a good example where people created communities and pages only to be told that on April 2, 2019, everyone's Google+ profiles and communities will be GONE!

    That is why Wealthy Affiliate suggests that having your own website is the best way to create and manage your online business.

    Having Your Own Website Allows You To Have Complete Control Of Your Online Business.

    Here is what you will need to do to build your own niche website:

    1. Choose a niche, a topic you are passionate about is ideal.
    2. Register your domain (your website's internet address/URL.(
    3. Build your website in WordPress (the most flexible and popular website builder)

    2-Niche Specific Content

    Your website visitors will need content to view.

    The content for niche specific websites are frequently considered as blog posts.

    In other words, you will become a blogger.

    Your blog contents will primarily consist of relevant information about your niche.

    Sorry, I only now realized I didn't explain what is a niche.

    What is a niche? It's basically a group of people looking for stuff.

    You want to choose a niche that will target a specific audience.

    Many people choose a niche that is too broad which is too competitive for "Solopreneur"..

    Choosing a well targeted niche will allow you to become an expert in that field.

    Here is a quick example of a broad niche versus a targeted niche.

    • Broad: Online Business
    • Targeted: Get More Website Traffic

    There are so many people that want to start with a topic about "Online Business" which isn't a niche. That topic is too broad and has thousands of related targeted niches embedded such as the "website traffic" targeted niche.

    Other examples that would be considered targeted with online business include:

    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • How To Get Comments
    • Keyword Research
    • Connecting Social Sites With A Website
    • How to Write and/or Sell eBooks
    • Create a Membership Platform
    • How to Design a Website
    • Marketing Funnels
    • Landing Page Templates
    • ...and Thousands More.

    3-Website Monetization

    In order to consider your website as being an online business you will want your website to make money.

    Which means you will need to add ways for your website to make you money.

    The 4 most popular ways to monetize your website:

    1. Affiliate Marketing
    2. Ad Revenue
    3. Selling Digital Products
    4. Membership Platform

    There are more ways you can make money online but those 4 are the ones that are the easiest ones to start with.

    Affiliate marketing is the easiest as all you need to do is create content and refer people to programs where you have created an affiliate or associate link with a company selling products or services.

    If the person you referred decides to buy a product or service then that company will pay you a percentage of the sale as a commission.

    What Does Wealthy Affiliate Provide For an Online Business?

    Now that you understand what is required to start and run an online business lets look at what exactly Wealthy Affiliate will do to run your online business.

    We said you will need a website which consists of choosing a niche, registering your domain name, and building a website.

    Wealthy Affiliate has everything you will need to cover all those steps.

    You will have training on how to choose your niche, buy and register your domain, and provide step-by-step, task oriented instructions to build your website in WordPress.

    Once you have your website foundation built then you will need to add your content.

    Wealthy Affiliate provides a tool called SiteContent that automatically checks grammar and spelling, ensures it isn't duplicate of any content already online, will publish your created content directly to your website, provides writing goals, completes a SEO analysis, content structure analysis, create content templates, and helps to enhance your writing vocabulary.

    The best part is learning how to monetize your website for it to be considered an online business.

    Any website that doesn't make money is considered a hobby in my books.

    The focus on monetization is with affiliate marketing as it the easiest ways to monetize a niche website.

    Once you created your website, added content, now all that is needed are affiliate links.

    Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to sign up to affiliate programs and affiliate networks.

    With affiliate links in place your website has the potential to create a regular income but does it really work?

    Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

    It's not necessarily whether Wealthy Affiliate really works, it's more a question of whether you followed the instructions fully for building your website, creating niche targeted content, and monetizing your website correctly.

    In essence, Wealthy Affiliate is a web-hosting platform where you can buy your domain and host your website so it can be seen on the internet.

    This is the same type of service you can expect from any other web-hosting site out there.

    The difference is you don't pay a fee for each individual website you want to host. At Wealthy Affiliate you pay a flat fee where you can host up to 50 websites AND get access to so much MORE!

    On top of the domain name registration and web-hosting for up to 50 websites you get access to a powerful keyword research tool, training with 50 beginners and 70 affiliate marketing lessons, live video classes, live chat 24/7, a comment and feedback platform, access to incredible mentors, and an incredible affiliate program that pay awesome commissions all for the same flat monthly fee.

    So if Wealthy Affiliate doesn't work for you with all the tools and support listed above then the only conclusion for why you don't succeed is because you didn't follow the instructions or you quit too soon.

    Who Should Join Wealthy Affiliate?

    Creating an online business is not a get-rich-quick process.

    If getting rich promises are what you are looking for then you will not find it here at Wealthy Affiliate.

    Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with the platform, the tools, the training, and the support.

    It's up to you to use all of what is available at Wealthy Affiliate to make your online business successful!

    It has everything you need, whether you are new, have experience, or an already success online entrepreneur.

    It's made for those ready to make the work commitment so they can join all of those who have already succeeded.

    Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

    Googlmans (Me):

    Member since October 2015: Started out as a free member but soon took advantage of the Premium membership and then transferred to the Yearly Premium Membership ($0.82US/day).

    Earned my first affiliate commission within my first month. It was a small commission but the excitement of receiving a commission from something I created online was amazing.

    Used the Wealthy Affiliate platform to create amazing websites where posts rank on the first search engine result page (SERP) and direct traffic to affiliate programs that create commissions every day.


    Member since September 2016 has shown great success with the tools, training, and support from Wealthy Affiliate.

    She was able to break the $40,000 income for the year. She explains how she was able to work from home and make $40K revenue in her blog==> click here to learn more.



    Jerry has been a Wealthy Affiliate since May 2016. He is a 21-year-old high school drop out who is currently making a 4-figure monthly income with training, tools, and support he gets from WA.

    Jerry has written several posts about his progress over the past year, each one showing better and better results like this on in December 2018==> Click Here to learn more

    ...And the list goes on!

    Take a look at this amazing list of success stories recently created by Nathaniell, another of many Wealthy Affiliate success stories.

    2018 - Another Year Of Success Growth At Wealthy Affiliate


    After reading this post I hope you understand why I say that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where you can host your websites, buy your domain names, get training on how to build your website and how to receive affiliate commissions, get ongoing support from likewise members to keep you motivated.

    There are some awesome mentors at Wealthy Affiliate.

    It's up to the individual on how they make their online business successful. The online market is out there for you to capture and Wealthy Affiliate are there to help you along the way.

    If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. I love to hear from you and I always reply.



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